Palestinian ambassador to the UN: “They had names, dreams, mothers, fathers…

Names and Faces of Victims of Gaza, Jul 23, 2014

“These are the human faces of our victims. These are samples of those who suffered most. We are not numbers, we are human beings.

We know that the ‘International community’ has failed, failed to its commitment to protect civilians in armed conflict, failed to enforce the rule of law, failed in its promise to humanity.

We must bear witness to the despair of our people and insist on their dignity. They had names, dreams, mothers, fathers, sisters, grandparents, and friends… who are grieving their deaths and devastated for this massive loss of human life, for which there can be no justification and no consolation… What is the ‘International Community’ doing to stop this blood-letting, to stop ‘Israeli” atrocities? What is the Security Council doing to uphold its commitment to protect civilians in armed conflict…? Without decisive action, the Council’s resolutions and statements ring hollow as defenseless civilians find no relief from the murderous ‘Israeli’ war machine.


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“Israelis” calling for genocide

Mahdi Nazemroaya noted:

“People need to listen to Israeli Hebrew-speaking media and read Haaretz. Listen to what most Israeli officials and politicians are saying. They are openly talking abut genocide, killing all Arabs, and even raping Palestinian women systematically…

The current state of Israel is not the real Israel and has nothing to do with the Torah or Judaism and most the current Israelis are not the descendants of the Israelites of the past — let alone Semites —- or even practicing Judaism.

There is also major media censorship about the tens of thousands of practicing Jews that have held marches in opposition to Israel and who refuse to recognize this “Israel” as a Jewish State. Why is this not being reported? Because it would make people question the claims of this “Israel” and the religious criteria it presents for its justification.

beyond criminal: “Israeli” attacks on Gaza hospitals

REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

UPDATED: Originally posted a Press TV report that Shifa hospital was ordered to evacuate which I am now told by multiple sources is false [however, there certainly has been Zionist incitement to attack the hospital, but apparently not an official evacuation order, as per Wafa]

Press TV:

Israeli warplanes and tanks bombed several hospitals across the besieged region over the past few days.

The third floor of the al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital in Deir al-Balah was hit by Israeli tank fire on Monday. Palestinian officials say at least five people were killed and dozens wounded in the incident in central Gaza, among them medical staff.

Also on Friday, a hospital in the town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip was struck by Israeli artillery shells.

Senior Palestinian officials have described the multiple attacks as a “brazen violation of international norms.”

Medical workers are now raising the alarm over a humanitarian crisis in Gaza where hospitals are running low on basic medical supplies.

According to figures provided by emergency services, the total number of people killed since the Israeli offensive on July 8 stands at nearly 655. More than 4,200 people have been injured in the attacks.

Fresh Israeli attacks have killed more than two dozen Palestinians, with almost half of them killed due to tank shelling in Khan Yunis. The victims include a journalist who died in an attack on his house in Gaza’s Shojaiya neighborhood. Israeli jets have also bombed a mosque and Gaza’s power plant.


I weep for you

I weep for you and your young wife, your unborn child, your loving elderly parents, all of the Palestinians of all ages who have been slaughtered and maimed.

The last major massacre, I was with your family. Now I’m watching desperately from afar, praying for your safety and that the Resistance deflects a fragment of the terror you are experiencing, and which you are experiencing without end, the unending Zionist terror…

to share a sense of the terror, and this was in a time not even declared “war” on Gaza, Palestine:

He is pushing my head down to the ground, protecting from any flying debris. Pointlessly he tries to protect me, but when the blasts are on you no amount of hugging and ducking will do.

A bit of confusion… to stay rooftop or run down to the ground. I remember when the Sharouk building with various media outlets was repeatedly hit by smaller missiles, not the one-ton F-16 crater-makers.  The building danced and it felt like the stairs had turned into one long slide, to take us from the 9th or 10th floor down light speed.

The drive to see what happens next is strong, leaving us not wanting to abandon the roof.  We stay, and soon his brothers appear to see where the blasts have hit. We go down to check on his parents, thankfully asleep, hard of hearingness a relief this time. We go back up and the orange has gone, its grey and starless now.

“It’s raining” he says.  I’m confused, think he means the bombing triggered some weather reaction.  Concrete dust flutters down upon us, the dry kind of rain. The ambulance sirens wail, the Red Crescent or Ministry of Health ambulances will be racing for the site.  If they are late, the dead and injured will be piled into any car near the explosion that still moves.  There is a sustained honking in Gaza that everyone recognizes as make way, we’ve got another victim here.

Now 3 of his brothers are rooftop with us and going over the blasts.  For a Strip that has seen so many Israeli terror bombings over the years, this latest –comparatively far away at a few hundred metres –has hit a nerve even with these men putting on bravado. They are brave, of course, and endure psychological war in addition to actual blasts.  Every time one of those fucking F-16s flies over us, it’s a reminder of the last war, or of previous attacks, or of random bombings, or of friends and family martyred in their sleep, cars, homes…

Everytime those F-16s intentionally break the sound barrier to create a bomb-like sonic boom, everyone within range instinctively remembers their own personal horror at whichever Israeli war or attacks.

The Zionist news tomorrow will blather on about a strategic strike against terror.  But rearrange their scripted words and you get the truth: it is a strategic terror against Palestinians, as always, and involved living, breathing, dreaming, working human beings below those terrorizing F-16s, breathing the dust of another bombed building.

updates on Gaza and Syria

from: If Americans Knew

**(update: the number of murdered Palestinians in Gaza is now at least 625)

Contrary to U.S. media spin, the violence didn’t begin when the three Israelis were abducted and killed in June. From January to June of this year, Israeli forces abducted at least 2,330 Palestinians, and killed approximately 30 Palestinians, 4 of whom were children. But Americans didn’t hear about it because the media didn’t think their lives mattered.

It’s also important to recognize that rocket attacks from Gaza began decades after Israel had already been militarily occupying Palestinian territory. The first rocket (largely home-made projectiles that rarely caused any death, injuries, or even damage) was fired from Gaza in April 2001 – after Israeli forces had already killed 35 Gazans that year, and had repeatedly shelled Gazan neighborhoods. From April 2001 through July 2014, rockets killed approximately 29 Israelis. During the same period, Israeli forces killed over 4,700 Gazans.

Here are the facts:

  • From January 1 to May 31 of this year, Israel kidnapped 2,330 Palestinians and held them in Israeli prisons. During these months, there were an average of 203 Palestinian children in Israeli jails on any given day. Palestinians help captive by Israel can be denied access to a lawyer for up to 90 days, and torture is routine. But the media only expresses outrage when Israelis are kidnapped and held prisoner by Palestinians.
  • From January 1 to June 12 of this year, Israelis killed approximately 30 Palestinians, 4 of them children. None of the Israeli killers were held accountable for the murders. Mainstream media outlets almost never reported on any of these killings. Yet everyone was made aware of the names of the three Israelis abducted and murdered in June.
  • Since “Operation Protective Edge” began (June 8 through July 21), Israeli forces have killed 572 Palestinians, 110 of them children. During this time, Palestinian resistance forces killed 28 Israelis, none of whom were children. Approximately 76 percent of the Palestinians killed during this period were civilians, while approximately 7 percent of the Israelis killed were civilians.
  • Israel actually rejected a legitimate ceasefire offer, not Hamas. The ceasefire Hamas has offered Israel would ensure that Gazans have the same freedoms that most people view as basic human rights (right to trade with other nations, right to travel freely, right to worship at Holy places, etc).