minding the gatekeepers on Syria


Someone brought to my attention the seemingly innocent question posted on a rather well-followed figure’s FB wall.  Her feigned ignorance is dangerous; she can mislead well-intentioned people who haven’t delved into researching Syria beyond CNN/NY Times and co.

On that note, posting the best of comments on Naomi Wolf’s” “Can anyone report from Syria? … A caveat — Assad has a lot of sophisticated online commentators. Some pro-Assad commentators were on this page a year or two ago — actually warning that the US was trying to find a way to attack Syria. So please, Mark Taliano our Citizen Public Editor asks for grassroots (that is, non-professional non-politically supported) citizen journalism from Syria …”

Nikademus Lawman: “Naomi, since you’re so sure “Assad is a dictator” and not a target of the zioNATO cartel, please find us a SINGLE article from before 2009-2010, when the SAME Takfiri Terrorists that are “ISIS” were called “rebels” were sent into Syria massacring over 200,000 civilians, armed, sponsored, and financed by Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, and other Rothschild “Crown” colonies, like Canada, US, and the UK, that indicates Assad was, at all, someone who wasn’t favored by his people. You can easily use Google filter settings to find such an article. This is a reasonable request, after all, since you are forwarding a false context and should discover that it was inadvertent via this task.

Just show us one. As for what is happening in Syria, it’s quite obvious: the Zionists are balkanizing it, along with Iraq, with delusions to soon hope to balkanize Iran, in line with Sykes-Picot, the Bernard Lewis revival thereof, as embodied in the Oded YinonGreater Israel” strategy. Modernized in the last decade by the “Neocon” (read: Neo-Bolshevik) “Project for a New [Israeli without] American Century” and Israeli “Clean Break” doctrines (to induce America and the West into endless wars to help fashion “Greater Israel”). Assad is only a dictator because Zionist mouthpieces say so, and they do so in tandem with AIPAC swarming congressional US halls and mouthpieces like McCain floating the same. This is a wrongful context. Assad has never been a dictator. This liberal means of plunder needs to stop.

The burden is on you. Please stop playing gatekeeper by trying to decide who is a legit and credible source or not. You aren’t the premier voice on any of these issues and have only figured out the tip of the iceberg in, what, the last 4 months? Please take a reasonable backseat to those who have already been in the arena for several years.

Hala Toubia: “I am Syrian living in NZ but my whole family is still in Syria living in Tartous, Homs and Aleppo with plenty of friends living in Damascus, Homs, and the coast. My sister and her family have NZ passports but are still living in Aleppo. I am educated, learnt, realistic and open minded with no political affiliation whatsoever, but extremely passionate about my country Syria. I am from a Christian middle upper class family with friends who are Sunni Alawite, Shiaa Druze, Arminians and you name it. None of my contacts in Syria was blind supporter of the government, although 90% of them admire the president and his wife for different reasons.

Porkins Great Game ep. 1 ISIS is everywhere in Central Asia

Eva Bartlett:

Very much enjoyed this podcast; need to listen a second time!

Originally posted on Porkins Policy Review:

The Caucasus and Central Asia Political Map 2000

Download PGG episode 1

The wait is finally over:  The new podcast series produced by Christoph Germann and me, Porkins Great Game, is now up and running!  This new podcast will deal exclusively with Central Asia and the Caucus region, and will explore the various geopolitical machinations that compose the “New Great Game.”  Porkins Great Game will be a monthly podcast and we really encourage you to be a part of this endeavor.  So please follow us on Twitter, @PorkinsPolicy & @NewGreatGame, and feel free to email us with topic suggestions and news stories that pertain to the new great game. You can contact me by emailing porkinspolicy@gmail.com, and you can contact Christoph through the contact form on christophgermann.blogspot.com

On this month’s episode we take a look at the increasing violence in Xinjiang as well as the ISIS connection within the Uyghur separatist movement, and take a look…

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Ottawa/Gatineau Stop the War on Iraq Organizing meeting

“The government of Canada is sending Canadian CF-18s to bomb ISIS in Iraq. There are already Canadian Special Forces on the ground taking part in the war.

Iraq and Syria are in ruins because of interventions by the US and its allies. More bombing will not make the situation better but will make things worse for the people of both countries. Western bombs are already killing civilians and each new strike may actually strengthen ISIS. This is a pattern we have seen over and over again in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan and throughout the history of US wars.

The Ottawa Peace Assembly is calling for a city wide planning meeting to decide on next steps to counter the Harper government’s drive to all-out war.

Date: Thursday, October 16 2014
Time: 7:00 – 8:30 PM
Location: 377 Bank Street (CUPW national office), Ottawa – board room on the main floor.

For more information please contact ottawa.peace.assembly (at) gmail.com


FB event page

US-Backed Hazzm Movement is Touted as a Secular and Model Rebel Group by Washington


Oct 14, 2014, Eretz Zen

This video shows excerpts from videos belonging to Harakat Hazm (Hazzm Movement or Steadfastness Movement), which operates with US-backing and whose formation was announced in January 2014 in the presence of the leader of the Supreme Military Council of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), General Salim Idris. The group has been touted by Washington as a “rebel group worth supporting” and “a model candidate for greater US and allied support, including lethal military assistance.”


Syria updates the MSM *somehow* overlooked

Oct 13, 2014, Al Masdar: West Hama Road Liberated by Tiger Forces; Salma is on the Verge of Liberation:

“The main road to the villages of Al-‘Aziziyyeh, Al-Tamana’a, and Al-Jayid in western Hama are now under Syrian Arab Army control, following a successful military operation earlier today. The SAA’s Tiger Forces – led by Col. Soheil Al-Hassan – stormed Jabhat Al-Nusra positions outside of the village of Al-‘Aziziyyeh, killing over 20 militants and wounding a dozen others, before declaring the road under Syrian Government control. The road overlooks the besieged village off Al-Haweeja in west Hama; it is used by Jabhat Al-Nusra as a nest for snipers.

In northeast Latakia, the National Defense Forces (NDF) have liberated the surrounding hills near the rebel-controlled village of Salma. The NDF and SAA have launched a cooperative offensive in northeast Latakia, aimed at reclaiming the rest of the Turkish border within the province. According to a military source in Latakia, the SAA and NDF are currently on the fringes of Salma, overlooking the town from the southwest. The rapid advance into the vicinity of Salma has forced Jabhat Al-Nusra and Islamic Front militants to fortify their positions and seek reinforcements from Idlib and Turkey.”


Oct 13, Al Masdar: SAA Captures ISIS Base in Deir Ezzor; Scores of ISIS Fighters Killed:

“The Syrian Arab Army’s 104th Brigade of the Republican Guard liberated the imperative Al-Ba’ajeen School in the Jubeileh Quarter of Deir Ezzor City on Saturday. The school was used by the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) as a control-and-command center for all terrorist operations in the Deir Ezzor District. According to a military source, the 104th Brigade killed over 60 militants and wounded/captured 30 more in the process of liberating the school.

SAA gains in Syria (MSM missed it :) )

Sana: People of Ein al-Arab continue to defend their city against ISIS terrorists:

“The people of Ein al-Arab city northeast of Aleppo continue to repel the terrorist of ISIS, with local sources saying that locals managed to carry out special operations including infiltration ops in the east of the city to eliminate ISIS members and return to their bases.
The sources said that the city’s northwestern front is the most volatile currently, affirming that ISIS terrorist haven’t managed to advance towards the center of the town and are still positioned east of it.
Media sources said that locals managed to repel a massive ISIS attack which the terrorists had waged from the city’s southern side at midnight in a bid to reach the city center, saying that the attack and the ensuing clashes lasted around an hour and a half.
The sources said that violent battles took place between ISIS terrorists and locals at the Murshed Binar border crossing with Turkey, amidst talks about air strikes by the international alliance halting the advance of ISIS in several areas.”


Tiger Forces Sweeping Through West Hama:

“Jabhat Al-Nusra and members of the Islamic Front were forced to retreat further north in the key village of Al-Lataminah, after the Syrian Arab Army’s Special Operations Unit known as the “Tiger Forces” carried out multiple raids on their positions. According to a military source, the Tiger Forces destroyed a large militant den, while confiscating a large cache of weapons and ammunition. The Tiger Forces reportedly killed 22 militants, including the Islamic Front field commander, Mohammad Haroush.

North of Al-Lataminah, the Syrian Arab Army’s 106th Brigade of the Republican Guard is carrying out operations in the imperative villages of Morek and Kafr Zita. Yesterday, the 106th targeted a militant gathering in west Morek, killing 16 Islamic Front fighters. While in Kafr Zita, the Republican Guard seized an Islamic Front weapons depot in the southwest corner of the besieged village. CONTINUE READING

some news from Palestine

Gaza’s Dream[VIDEO]:


Press TV, Israel ignoring health conditions of Palestinian inmates:

“The Tel Aviv regime is turning a blind eye to the deteriorating health conditions of about 1,500 sick Palestinians behind bars in Israeli prisons.

Figures show around 100 of the Palestinian inmates with health problems have been diagnosed with cancer and chronic diseases and are in need of immediate care.

Human rights organizations have called on Israel to immediately release the Palestinian inmates diagnosed with serious illnesses.

“Any one visiting the Israeli hospitals, where sick Palestinian prisoners are kept, discovers that the jails might be better. We have always believed that the appropriate solution to treat the prisoners is through releasing them,” said Tayseer al-Ali, with the Palestinian Center for Defense of Liberties and Civil Rights.

Reports say over 7,000 Palestinians are being held in Israeli jails. Approximately 2,000 of the Palestinian prisoners have been arrested over the past few months.

On September 26, the Ahrar Center for Prisoners Studies said Israel was holding 540 Palestinians without trial, showing an increase in the number of these cases over the past six years.”


Sam Bahour, Why must Gaza wait in the dark?:

“When I asked my colleague in Gaza about her biggest dream, her answer made an impression on me: “I dream of what life would be like with 24-hour electricity.” CONTINUE READING