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I would encourage everyone to watch Eva Bartlett’s excellent presentation on Gaza, and then commit themselves to solidarity with the Palestinian people in their nonviolent struggle for an end to Israeli apartheid and occupation of Palestine.

–Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate 


I’m grateful to the vast support and great reception I received in Ireland; of course the audiences’ interest was in knowing about and standing in solidarity with Palestine.  One note is that while the non-violent resistance efforts widespread throughout Palestine–even before Israel’s creation on historic Palestine and ethnic cleansing of at least 750,000 Palestinians–are formidable and commendable and deserve our solidarity, all resistance to occupation is legitimate and should not be made to be seen as otherwise.  In an ideal world we all love one another and work together for peace and justice. In this real world, the Zionist agenda does not include peace, and exists via a massive position of power imbalance, wherein Israel has state of the art technology and military might, political support around the world (including even when they are bombing Gaza with chemical weapons and point-blanking shooting civilians, including children), locks 1.7 million Palestinians into a very small space of land and then denies them every means of existence (down to calculating how many calories they need to not quite starve, then allowing in even less food aid into Gaza), and  constantly expands its illegal colonies. Resistance is legitimate, Palestinians want our solidarity, not food aid, not handouts, not pity. Let’s live up to our obligations. Thanks to Ireland for being so very receptive and active on Palestine solidarity–Eva


On Thursday Eva Bartlett as part of her tour of Ireland speaking on Gaza spoke to the Transition Students on Kinsale Community School. The talk was so well-received that there was a long standing ovation by students and staff alike. The meeting was arranged by Padraig Fitzgerald and Lisa Lee-Fitzgerald of the Kinsale Peace Project and warmly welcomed by all of the teaching staff. Afterward we spoke together with many of the students who were very moved at the footage and incredulous that this can continue and at the media blackout on coverage of such injustice. Later that day one of the students, Lala Albert, emailed me with these words:

“Thank you so much for everything. You’ve opened my eyes to the real world and I’m not living in a fairy tale any more, thank you.” CONTINUE READING

Gaza Speaking tour, USA, Ireland, Britain 2014


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Last night’s…and every night of Eva Bartlett‘s speaking tour of Gaza in Ireland has been a resounding informative success. Don’t miss out on the last talk in Belfast this evening at 7pm in Palestine Aid, city centre of Belfast hosted by Fra Hughes. You will not regret it as the information relayed is a true representation of the suffering that is put on Gaza. –Eileen Carr

Sat Mar 29: 7 pm, Dublin 2, Ireland Institute, Pearse st

Sun Mar 30: 7 pm, Belfast, Palestine Aid, 48 Kind st

Mon Mar 31:  3 pm, Dublin, meet with Emer Costello, MEP Dublin

Tues Apr 1: Manchester, organized by Adie & the Manchester Palestine Solidarity campaign

Wed Apr 2: Sheffield, organized by Mousheir al Farra



Gaza talks, Ireland leg, Gaza still in crisis

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Ireland is treating me well!  The talks I’ve given in Kinsale, Cork and Galway, Dublin have been well-attended and well-received, and managing to have lots of random encounters with folks who are willing to engage in discussion on Palestine, even if they aren’t familiar with the facts. It’s these meetings and the positive feedback that inspire me, aside from the Palestinians’ steadfastness:

Thanks very much for your informative and professional talk today at UCC in Cork. I do not know how you kept so calm while presenting those true images without getting angry or breaking down with emotion, especially the ones of the injured and dead children. If I were presenting it, then it would just be too much for me to handle.
I was amazed by the way you would stand up to the soldiers with nothing more than a loud speaker. I would not be brave enough to stand up to them with a gun in my hand. You are truly an outstanding, brave and courageous woman and it was a pleasure to meet you.

-Trevor Lawrance, Cork, Ireland


Thank you Eva Bartlett for sharing your inside knowledge of Gaza and the suffering of the people with us yesterday evening. You are one inspirational and very brave woman. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I left the Friary …….all night questions and thoughts just kept coming to me. 

–Sally Thelen, Kinsale, Ireland


Today Eva spoke in UCC and tonight she is speaking in Galway. Eva spoke with passion and knowledge and experience of what she has witnessed and shared many reports and actualities that do not reach us on mainstream censored media. Both adults and young people entered in discourse and left with much more information and hopefully a passion to share and create further awareness and change. Do not miss out on this opportunity to hear direct reports from Eva following Eva’s years of experience living through the atrocities of 2008/9 and 2012.

-Eileen Carr, Dublin, Ireland

Iymen Chehade gets ringing endorsements from ’5 Broken Cameras’ director and AAUP committee chair

AAUP Backs Iymen Chehade, Supports Academic Freedom at Columbia College Chicago

Iymen Chehade, a professor at Chicago's Columbia College.
Iymen Chehade, a professor at Chicago’s Columbia College.

By Eva Bartlett, Palestine Chronicle, Mar 28, 2014

American Association of University Professors (AAUP) Illinois statement of support for Iymen Chehade, a professor at Chicago’s Columbia College, marks the latest, and most significant, step forward in the fight against pervasive attempts to control discourse on Occupied Palestine, via stifling academic freedom on college and university campuses.

Chehade, employed by Columbia since 2007, has taught three different courses on the Middle East, but by far most popular has been his Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, a course he designed in 2010.

“The class is popular on campus. Students hear about it from other students and try consistently enroll in it,” says Chehade. “Its one of those history classes that is not history, it’s actually present, its also future. As we are speaking, history is being made.”

Considerable student demand for the course led to Chehade’s teaching three sections of it at one point. As of fall 2013, Columbia offered Chehade two sections to his Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

As part of his course content in fall 2013, Chehade showed his students the award-winning documentary 5 Broken Cameras.

“The film itself is about the occupation of the village of Bil’in, the occupation of Palestine. My objective in showing the film was to humanize the issue,” says Chehade. “Student reaction was very positive.”

In spite of student demand for the course and student interest in the documentary, not long after showing it in his class, one of Chehade’s two spring 2014 sections was canceled.


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Iymen Chehade gets ringing endorsements from ’5 Broken Cameras’ director and AAUP committee chair

Interviews with Iymen Chehade, class canceled at Columbia College for screening documentary

AAUP Backs Iymen Chehade, Supports Academic Freedom at Columbia College Chicago