“Democracy Now” [aka "Imperialism Now"] and the “Progressive” Alternative Media: Valued Cheerleaders For Imperialism and War

-Finian Cuningham, Global Research, Jul 13, 2012


“This is where a segment of the so-called alternative media can play a valuable propaganda function for Western powers. Because such media are supposed to be independent, critical, non-corporate, the public tends to consider their reports as objective and unbiased.  One such “alternative” news service is “Democracy Now” hosted by Amy Goodman. Goodman is seen as something of a campaigning critical journalist shedding the light of truth on the depredations of the US government, corporations and the Pentagon. But a closer look at what Goodman’s “Democracy Now” is reporting on Syria shows that the purported critical broadcaster has become a purveyor of Western government propaganda. While the mainstream media’s propaganda function is obvious to the informed public, Goodman’s “Democracy Now” plays a more subtle role. Camouflaged with the trappings of critical, independent journalism, “Democracy Now” serves to sow powerful seeds of misinformation in a way that the “compromised” mainstream media cannot.

This misinformation from “Democracy Now” is valuable to the ruling elite because to many of its readers it is not seen as misinformation.

Martinez: “unapologetically support the Syrian government, Syrian army, Hezbollah and Iran in their fight to the death against both sectarian terrorism & imperialist state terrorism…”

Carlos Martinez:

The only decent anti-imperialist, progressive, HUMAN position is to unambiguously and unapologetically support the Syrian government, Syrian army, Hezbollah and Iran in their fight to the death against both sectarian terrorism and imperialist state terrorism (which are two sides of the same coin).

Tony Cartalucci:

Russia and Iran’s Reaction to US Assault on Syria…

We have to wait and see what Russia and Syria’s other allies do – one thing we should know by now is that Russia and Iran don’t plan on sitting on their hands for anything – but they see things the general public doesn’t and calculates their strategy to take into account factors both short-term and long-term.

For our part, we must report the truth, the origins of this conflict, and contest the lies and misinformation being peddled by the mainstream media. We must also commit ourselves daily to boycotting and replacing the corporate-financier special interests that drive this insidious agenda.

Russia, Iran, Syria, and others have the resources and information to move against this threat geopolitically and militarily, we have the ability to contest it socioeconomically.


Sana, Sep 23: Foreign Ministry : Minister al-Moallem received letter from US counterpart informing him that the US will target ISIS positions in Syria:

“Ministry of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs said “After Syria’s confirmations on many occasions that it is ready to cooperate in combating terrorism in the framework of the full respect of its national sovereignty, and after many countries agreed on the necessity of respecting the UN Charter which affirms respecting the countries’ sovereignty and their territorial integrity, Syria’s permanent representative to the UN was informed on Monday that the US and some of its allies will target the terrorist organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” ISIS” in Syria hours before launching the airstrikes.

The Ministry continued “The Syrian Arab Republic affirms that it has been and it is still fighting the ISIS in Raqqa and Deir Ezzour and other areas, and it will not stop fighting it in cooperation with the countries which are directly or indirectly affected by it, on top of which the brotherly country of Iraq…In this framework, Syria affirms that coordination between the two countries is ongoing and on highest levels to fight terrorism in implementation of the international resolution No. 2170 which was unanimously passed by the UN Security Council.

The Ministry concluded the statement by saying ” Announcing for the second time that it is standing with any international efforts in the framework of combating and fighting terrorism regardless of its names such as Jabhat al-Nusra and the ISIS, the Syrian Arab Republic asserts that this must be done with completely preserving the lives of innocent civilians and in the framework of the national sovereignty and according to the international pacts.””


raining mortars and missiles on Damascus


**thanks be to truth-telling Carlos Latuff, who hasn’t forsaken principles in this actual and media war on Syria.

Sana reports:

“Two women were killed and another four injured due to attacks with mortar shells that terrorists launched on al-Qassaa’ area in Damascus.

A source at the Police Command told SANA that five mortar shells launched by terrorists struck al-Qassaa’ area in Damascus, killing two women and wounding another four civilians.

The attacks caused material damage to the roof of Zaitonet al-Sham Hotel, al-Mansour School, as well as several houses, shops and cars in the area.”


From all account by friends in Damascus and the FB page “A Mortar’s Diary”, the terrorists continue to target civilian areas, particularly (today) the Old City…

Updates from “A Mortar’s Diary

**ordered as most recently-updated. internet-translated (Note: translating colloquial Arabic via internet translation does result in some bizarre words. In these cases, I’ve deleted them, to avoid confusion, but the gist is quite clear):

سقوط قذيفتي جديدتان الآن في محيط حي القيمرية بالقرب من بائع الكروسان في المنطقة ليصبح العدد الى 13 قذيفة صاروخية

Now two new fall two shells in the vicinity of the neighborhood near the vendor Qaimariya croissants in the region to become the number to 13 rocket-propelled grenade


9 قذائف تستهدف دمشق القديمة ( باب توما – القيمرية – باب شرقي )

* سقوط قذيفتي صاروخيتين بالقرب جامع الشيخ رسلان و أنباء عن اصابات
* سقوط قذيفة صاروخية على سطح مطعم الدار جنب مدرسة الاسية ولا اصابات
* سقوط قذيفتي صاروخيتين في باب توما حارة العازرية على مدرسة المنصور والحمدلله لا اصابات ولو كان هناك دوام فحصل مجزرة لا سمح الله
* سقوط قذيفة صاروخية في القيمرية بجانب مطعم العيلة وأنباء عن استشهاد إمراة
* سقوط قذيفتي هاون بالقرب من جامع الثقفي في منطقة باب توما وأنباء عن اصابات

* سقوط صاروخ في منطقة باب توما الحارات القديمةحارة القصبة أدت الى استشهاد امرأة حامل على الفور ودمار كلي في المنزل

9 shells targeting the old city of Damascus (Bab Touma - Qaimariya - Bab Sharqi)

* Fired two rockets fall near the mosque, Sheikh Raslan and news about injuries
* Rocket on the surface of Casablanca Restaurant School exponential side, no one hurt
* Fired two rocket-propelled grenades in the fall of Bab Touma lane Azria on a school Mansour Thank God no injuries, though there was a time picking massacre, God forbid,
* Rocket in Qaimariya beside the restaurant Aila and news about the martyrdom of a woman
* Mortar shells landed near a mosque in the area Althagafi Bab Touma and news about injuries

* Rocket landed in the area of ​​Bab Touma lanes led to the death of a pregnant woman on the spot


proxy war and attempt at overthrowing legitimate Syrian government long and well-documented

Someone’s Already Fighting ISIS: The Syrian Arab ArmyTony Cartalucci

“Since 2011, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has waged a relentless war within Syrian territory against what it has said from the very beginning was an invasion of heavily armed, foreign-backed sectarian extremists….

…Shortly after NATO carried out successful “regime change” in Libya in 2011 under the false pretext of a “humanitarian intervention,” sectarian-driven mercenaries it armed, funded, and provided air cover for in Libya began steadily streaming into Syria via its northern border with NATO-member Turkey.

Terrorists from the US State Department designated terrorist organization, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) officially made contact with terrorists fighting in Syria to offer them weapons, cash, training, and fighters. The London Telegraph would report in their article, “Leading Libyan Islamist met Free Syrian Army opposition group,” that:

The meetings came as a sign of a growing ties between Libya’s fledgling government and the Syrian opposition. The Daily Telegraph on Saturday revealed that the new Libyan authorities had offered money and weapons to the growing insurgency against Bashar al-Assad. 

Mr Belhaj also discussed sending Libyan fighters to train troops, the source said.

Indeed, at the highest levels, even as far back as 2011-2012, the so-called “moderate rebels” were entwined with Al Qaeda, vindicating the Syrian government’s statements regarding its struggle against foreign-backed terrorism, not a “pro-democracy uprising.”

Today, the West has expunged all rhetoric regarding “pro-democracy,” with sectarian extremism clearly driving militancy across both sides of Syria’s borders with Lebanon and Iraq. Instead, the West has been resigned to attempts in differentiating between groups like Al Qaeda’s al Nusra franchise and its Islamic State (ISIS) counterparts – claiming the latter must be addressed more urgently, even at the cost of cooperating with the former – yet another US State Department designated terrorist organization.

And while the fierce fighting in Syria may have began in 2011, the war on foreign-backed sectarian extremism began a generation ago. From 1976 to 1982, Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s father, Hafez al-Assad, waged war on the heavily militarized Muslim Brotherhood. Upon breaking the back of the organization in Syria, it fled and was later reconstituted by the United States and Saudi Arabia into what would become Al Qaeda in the mountains of Afghanistan to fight the Soviet Union.

Syria has been fighting sectarian extremism for decades, with the current protracted violence simply being the latest chapter. It is also clear that the United States and Saudi Arabia have, admittedly so, been propping up regional extremism in the form of both the Muslim Brotherhood and its various armed factions, as well as Al Qaeda, and now most recently, ISIS.

The Terrorism We Support in Syria: A First-hand Account of the Use of Mortars against Civilians

*from “A Mortar’s Diary” FB page

Note: since submitting this article for publication, terrorist-mortars have rained down on Damascus, with a reported 30 mortars on Wednesday-killing 8 and injuring at least 9–and another at least 7 mortars on Thursday–killing 2 and injuring at least 20 people, according to the Damascus-based monitoring group, “A Mortar’s Diary” [see their FB page]

By Eva Bartlett

Zero Anthropology  [re-published on Global Research, Rabble, Dissident Voice ]

In stark contrast to the sparse coverage of the brutality of ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria over the past few years, there has recently been substantial coverage of the emergence of ISIS in Iraq and the terrorist acts that this US-backed and funded group has been committing. This surge of media focus on ISIS’ brutality in Iraq and particularly on the recent alleged be-headings of two American journalists is extensively considered, amongst independent political analysts, to be setting the stage for NATO and the Axis-of-Imperialists to “fight terrorism” in Iraq and Syria, aka destroy both countries (note: there are valid doubts as to the legitimacy of the Foley video itself).

Glaringly absent from corporate media accounts of the proxy-war being waged on Syria is the fact that the very same terrorist group, as well as other Western-backed, al-Qaeda aligned terrorist organizations (like al-Nusra and the so-called “Free Syrian Army”), have been terrorizing Syrians for years—beheading them, flogging, crucifying, amputating hands—to name but a few of their crimes against thousands of Syrians.

In a recent interview, scholar and author Zafar Bangash noted Western-complicity in supporting ISIS and other mercenary groups, as well as NATO’s complicity in the destruction of Syria thus far:

“As a member of NATO, obviously Turkey has close liaison with the United States, Britain, France, etc, providing them all kinds of information. A NATO member, that means by extension NATO itself, is involved in financing, supporting, arming, facilitating the transfer, or entry, of these terrorists into Syria.”

Also omitted are the terrorist-insurgents’ near-daily firing of lethal mortars upon civilian areas in Syria. According to political analyst and Damascus resident Mazen al-Akhras, in the three-month period of April, May and June 2014, terrorist-insurgents fired 994 mortars on Damascus and environs, 426 of which were fired in June (see list of locations hit and number of mortars below). On June 3, Election Day in Syria, the terrorist-insurgents fired 151 shells on Damascus, killing 5 and maiming 33 Syrians, Akhras said.

While statistics on the number of Syrians civilians killed and maimed by such mortar attacks are not readily available, a tally from State media news reports for the period of Jun 18, 2014-current (the available reports) reveals at least 48 Syrians were killed (including 10 children) and 358 injured by mortar fire.