Gaza patients in egypt

Abdul Rahman, the 16 year old from Jabaliya, is doing very poorly. Visited with him yesterday and he was more emaciated than ever. Was a bit hopeful because Samir, an Egyptian guy who has been working with Gazans sent here, said they’d secured funding (36000 pounds) for Abed’s 2 operations. We were all hopeful.
But today Samir phoned and said Abed’s blood is infected with something
that is reacting like a poison. Indeed, he was more twisted and gnarled in his hospital bed than other days, like a bad horror movie. He’d been moved into intensive care in the Bank El Adhi hospital near Atabiya. I finally got permission to go in and see him. What to say to him?? How are you? “Alhamdulillah (thanks be to God.).” How can he be so brave? He’s a withered mess of his former self…

Samir told me that this morning Abed had been talking about his electric wheelchair (one will be donated to him), and how he wants to do everything for himself. He wants to be as independent as possible on the chair. He must be sick of sympathy and helplessness by now.

I don’t know what to feel. He is one of many faceless injured, isn’t he? And, should he survive this traumatizing ordeal, what will his future be like?

Rani from Bil’in is wheelchair-bound but inspirational. Who knows, maybe Abed would be too.

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