day 10: high ideals, high appeals


Numerous high-profile Palestinian political party members exited the Rafah crossing Tuesday, en route to Cairo for Wednesday’s inter-party negotiations brokered by Egyptian Chief of Intelligence, Omar Suleiman. Linda Willis and Khalil Al Niss were able to meet with Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) members Ramzy Rabah and Saleh Zeidan, who spoke of the recent problems in Gaza, highlighting the need for and importance of Palestinian unity.

Both Rabah and Zeidan expressed their gratitude to Al Niss and Willis, calling their efforts ‘fantastic’ and stressing that their attempt to enter Gaza with much-needed medical supplies was bringing needed attention to the siege of Gaza and its disastrous effects on the civilians trapped within.

Al Niss and Willis requested the party members deliver to Suleiman a letter signed by 6 Scottish Members of Parliament, stating their support for the medical aid venture and the request that Egyptian authorities facilitate passage of the van of supplies. This letter had already days ago been submitted to Suleiman, at the request of border authorities, but had thus far not elicited a reply.

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