updates from a van and a man at Rafah crossing

Willis and Al Niss, with their van of medical supplies, have been at the Rafah crossing since July 20th, and have still not been granted permission to cross into Gaza with the needed supplies. The authorities have had them fill out numerous forms, and requested a letter from their SMPs, which they submitted without any response. Al Niss and WIllis then submitted a copy of the same letter –signed by 6 SMPs –to Palestinian political party members (DFLP) who were en route to Cairo for a meeting with Chief of Intelligence, Omar Suleiman.

WIllis and Al Niss sent a telegram to President Mubarek a week ago but have not received a reply. Willis emailed Egyptian PM Nazeef, again requesting passage and again receiving no reply. She left 3 days ago to return to her work in Scotland.

The holdup at the Rafah crossing has had media coverage by the main Egyptian tv channel, Channel 1, and Al Jazeera has included updates on their tv channel information bar. Many UK-based newspapershave covered Al Niss and Willis’ progress and numerous websites are reporting on the stalled status at the border. A journalist based in Egypt is covering the story at Rafah, and an Egyptian journalist reports for Islam Online.

In the coming week, following any further delays in issuing a decision regarding crossing, al Niss will hold a press conference in Cairo.

On the 10th of August, the former Prime Minister of Lebanon, Dr. Salim al-Hess, along with MPs from Arab and EU countries will hold a demonstration at the Rafah crossing calling for it to be opened immediately, allowing Palestinians passage for medical care, study, work, and for the basic rights of movement that free people around the world enjoy.

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