Israeli-targeted Palestinian medics continue their work, in spite of the dangers they face

On 31st December, around 2 am, two emergency medical services personnel were targeted by an Israeli missile as they attempted to reach injured in the Jabaliya region, northern Gaza.  The first died immediately, the second soon after of complications from his internal injuries.

Two days later, 2 more medics were injured in the area east of Gaza, again in the line of duty, again trying to reach the injured.

Under the Geneva Conventions, Israel is obliged to allow and ensure safe passage to medical personnel to the injured.  Instead, Israel routinely targets them.

At the Jabaliya Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) station, the team there tells me of their injuries.  Half, they say, of emergency medics and drivers in Gaza have been injured by Israel while trying to perform the duties.

One shows me a scar from a gunshot wound to his arm.  Another tells of being twice injured: once, shot in the stomach, another time, also shot in the arm.  The bullet holes in their ambulances speak for themselves.

Internationals have decided to join the EMT personnel in their work around Gaza.

I start in Jabaliya, in northern Gaza at the eastern border, where I meet an amiable team of professionals.

Just after 4 am, we get a call to retrieve one injured, one dead, at the American high school in Beit Lahia, the northwest of the Strip. We have to navigate roads that are more than pot-holed, destroyed by time, lack of construction materials (the siege), and more recently, the F-16 missiles. Finding only the one injured man, we take him to hospital, returning after daybreak to find the corpse.

*[road recently bombed by an F-16 missile; ambulances had to navigate around this obstacle]

After sunrise, we return to the northwest, passing a dead cow on the side of the road. En route, near the bombed high school, the van gets a flat.  We walk in from there, moving quickly as drones and F-16s still circle, second and third strikes are all too common. In the light, I see what had been a large structure, a quality high school a friend had studied at.  What’s left of the body has been found and brought out to the nearest clearing, the playground.  [Later in the morning, I re-visit the site with a film crew, tell the story.  I notice the sea beyond, hadn’t seen it in the dim morning light.  Notice the twisted wreckage of the playground, and the pieces of shrapnel littering the ground. As we film, 2 missiles blast in the vicinity.  It’s hard not to feel like prey in this open area, clearly visible].  I don’t immediately see the corpse unwrapped, but I suspect that he is not all there.  The dead, a 24 year old night watchman, had no warning of the at least 2 missiles which levelled the school and tore him apart.

The medics work to load the corpse, first having to replace the flat tire.  Working frantically, still fearful of potential strikes, they crowd the ambulance, hoist the van, replace the flat.  A missile hits 50 metres away.  Surely, undoubtedly, those warplanes above us know –from the markings of the ambulance, the clothes of the medics, the crystal clear photos their drones can take –that we are civilians and medics below. Yet they fire.

They change the tire, load the body, and we’re off, screeching as much as the tired ambulance and mangled roads will allow.  It’s straight around the back of the hospital, to the mortuary, where men mourning the latest dead before ours are ushered out, ordered to make room for this new body.  In the cold room, the body is transferred to the fridge shelf, but while that happens the blanket comes undone.  The patch of burned skin, in no way human, reveals itself to be a half-body, the head hanging loosely by what neck remains.

I see it, as I saw the dead man in the ambulance. And I write it, because everyone must see it, hear of it.  The children of Gaza see these images, or are these images, so we have no right to censorship from such gruesome deaths.

But I cry, too, at the disfigurement of the young corpse, and the knowledge that he is one of so many (over 470 now) killed in the last week.

The medics have seen ghastly things and urge me to keep it in, keep working.  They must, and so I do.

We return to the centre, I leave them intending to return a day later, to spend my day reporting and writing.  In the end I return to the ambulance station a half day later, as Israel ramps up its bloodletting.

22 thoughts on “Israeli-targeted Palestinian medics continue their work, in spite of the dangers they face

  1. There are so many things I want to say after reading this post. But it’s hard to find a place to start. I am so angry that these things are allowed to happen to people. I wish there was something I could do to help.

    Please be careful.

  2. thank you… please extend to those medics, other ISM/humanitarian workers, and all civilians caught in this horrifying war that so many of us are thinking of you, writing to our governments, and wishing for your safety. though that is not much comfort amid the strikes of F-16s, i’m sure. love and peace…

  3. Continued aggression will only continue to breed counter aggression. The killing is obscene. The targeting of civilians and humanitarian workers is obscene.
    “Fighting for Peace is like f#*~ing for Chastity”

    “When will they ever learn?”

    May all humanitarian workers be protected by enlightened beings and be able to work without injury. They are the real heros of this situation.

  4. even the stones cry for gaza. the injustices are heartbreaking.the prayers and love of many are with you, frustrated at our distance from you,trying to find ways to help…God is with you

  5. Free Gaza – Free palestine

    رسالة وزير الخارجية اليونانى السابق للسفير الإسرائيلي. حيث تعودوا إرسال هدايا رأس السنة لكل من مر بوزارة الخارجية من وزراء

    Theodoros Pangalos, Member of Parliament (Greece), is a big Greek socialist, returned gift and thanked the Ambassador of Israel…

    Stop genocide Israel Nazis – Free Gaza – Intifada. Athens 29 December 2008: Embassy of Israel – Athens

    Down the flag of Nazis israel in the embassy in Athens. Tolta la bandiera dal abasciata dei nazisti israeliani ad Atene

    Athens 29 December 2008: Embassy of Israel – Athens

  6. thinking of you all.reading everything.looking at the photos. You are the eyes and ears for us. You are the bridge from what is happening to showing us what is happening. Through you, we can also witness.Im so angry, and so sad.

  7. Learn about judeo Nazis.

    Help stop the lies.

  8. civilization will continue to experience these things until the last degenerate power, which exists because of its unconquerable emotional needs, is eradicated. the existance of pathological rule that occupies others’ territory and handles and manages it as if it belongs to them fully and which is incapable of respecting other human beings and basic human values, demonstrates just how much those shiny and innocent-by-look-groups that act so well, have evolved over time.

    just don’t forget their troubles, though, no matter how many they incur you. it’s not easy having to lie and protect yourself from the truth, because it isn’t on your side! living against reality and truth isn’t easy! their news groups have the task of shaping and presenting fabricated situations as a wished state of reality. doesn’t that remind you of childrens’ immature way of wanting something?
    this Israeli military move of essence is just and drop in the ocean in the world, that has been going on since ever- we here in Serbia have felt the same simptoms of similar neurotics, be they Germans, the English, new American powers formed from old ones, or whichever other diseased, degenerate groups that are holding back humanity because of their affective, emotionally immature views and conduct.

    I want to share your pain for every victim, and to remind you that nothing lasts forever, nobody’s shines ’till dawn and that everything is returned and paid, sooner or later- and I mean long-term, in centuries. you have the occasion to learn from this and to grow as humans, although through innocent victims, which seems to be the only way. don’t let their aggression at this moment make you forget that they won’t escape any liability or consequence later on.

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