Medic murdered by targeted israeli shelling

I got a call 30 minutes ago, on a poor phone line, saying that Arafa is dead, killed while working by Israeli shelling. He was one of the emergency medics I met two nights ago, compassionate, emotionally strong, and with an unabashedly wacky sense of humour. I’m more saddened by his death than I can express.

35 thoughts on “Medic murdered by targeted israeli shelling

  1. To say sorry isn’t enough. I apologize to the people of Gaza for the silence from the rest of the world and the complete disregard by the U.S.. I apologize to the Palestinian people for the continuing nakba that they have suffered for 60 years. I don’t know what else to say, other than I will continue to stand by you all and support you, no matter what I may be accused of, or how I may be portrayed by the ignorant and hateful.

  2. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you throughout- many people here in our churches are devestated and moved to tears anda ction on your behalf. Demonstrations petitions prayer vigils and rallies all add to the pressure we hope will help move leaders to action.Its not good enough that the majority suffer for the actions of the few. what about the children? what about the elderly? You are not forgotten you are not alone.

  3. Thank you for this important blog. I have published several links to the blog, which deserves to be widely read. I see from an early post, in July, that you are a Scotish woman. Would you tell the readers a bit more about yourself? I understand you are under horrible conditions now, but it would be important for people who pick up your comments to be able to put a human face on the blogger. Keep safe.

  4. Really Im sorry. I proud of you, instad off the sadness, you still write here, and we can now about you and Gaza.

    Go!! Im pray for you

  5. I’ve been reading your blog over the last few days and watching Al Jazeera, I am in South Africa, I feel I want to do more than just pray for the people of Gaza. I want to raise my fists and pound out my anger and hatred on the Israeli people. How can one create so much pain and destruction onto another?

  6. I am so sorry for the loss of your good friend Eva…’s really aweful to watch on the news channels. God knows what you and all the people in Gaza are feeling….I just can’t imagine the fear and horror of it all. A terrible crime against humanity. The world leaders need to act without fail to stop this genocide. We are all trying to do what we can here….and the pressure will continue for as long as it takes. Take care dear Eva…

  7. I am sorry for the lost of your friend Eva, I started to read your blogg daily now. You’re a role model to all of us!! Be blessed

  8. i read this with such anger… there is nothing to say that aptly comforts you and those around you, i know. but, i’m sorry. the contempt, disrespect for life, and disregard for law that israel continues to exemplify is disgusting. i am so ashamed that “my” government (US) has abetted in and approved of this tragic operation. thank you, again, for your brave and honest reporting. as linda writes above, we – on the outside – will do all we can to stop this insanity. be well.

  9. Thank you for your website. And for staying. working. surviving.
    I am physician and wanted to know how supplies are reaching the hospital there? are there organizations bringing in supplies?

  10. i cannot express adequately what i am feeling – anger and now hatred against the israeli government and prepetrators – i hope they are all tried for war crimes, as should bush and blair re iraq. it is always the poor and defenseless who suffer the most! i feel helpless to do anything of significance from here in thailand but i have emailed all my friends, put stuff on my facebook and emailed the ambassador in london. sorry to the palestinian people.

  11. Hi Eva,
    Congratulations on your blog. Although it is often hard to read what you tell us, such accounts from within Gaza are quite precious.
    Actually, I work for this website :
    It is edited by the French TV channel France 24.
    We would like to write a story about the events in Gaza seen by bloggers who are there. Would you agree to answer some questions ?
    Is there a way (email, phone number) I could reach you today or tomorrow ?
    Thanks for your help on that.

  12. inna lillahi ua inna ilayhi raji3un – we come from Allah and to him will be the return.
    Insha2Allah he will gain al-Firdaus

  13. My condolences to you and to the Palestinians. Over 540 martyr 2300 injured till now. Can’t find the words

  14. Eva, I heard you are from Vancouver. When you get home, please consider coming up to the Okanagan as I would like to shake your hand and give you a hug.

  15. I hope you all stay strong through that war and get your reward in next life.

    Don’t blame the governments of islamic countrys for there no action. Blame the ummah for no action. Blame the ummah for accepting secular national partys. Blame the ummah for just chatting. (including me 😦 )

  16. I continue to link back to you via my blog. Your voice and your work is so important. Be safe but know that we admire you so very very much for acting in ways that we, stuck here in Europe, can’t because our politicians and law-makers are clearly despicably weak.

    It breaks my heart and I wake every morning with Palestine in my mind. I link back to you often and have you on my sidebar as a link.

    Keep writing, BBC and all the others are being kept out by the Israelis, your voice is so vital.

  17. Shukraan Jazeelan Eva!
    Thank you for being there and writing about it
    We are sending your blog out and all send you and Gaza our love
    and prayers
    Carel ISM Vancouver

  18. I am so sorry for the death of your friend. I am horrified and disgusted at the slaughter of Palestinians. Please take some comfort in the fact that I along with my friends in Scotland and the UK are protesting daily about these attrocities committed by Israel. It will stop soon i pray. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. We are doing all we can here, but i wish our governments were doing more to stop this horrible slaughter.

  19. All this is very sad, but we may learn from these tragic events to avoid them in the future and improve our lives. This may be a tribute to all deads.
    It’s necessary resistance to barbaric acts and work for peace & justice. Never forget. Cheers.

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