israel bombed the news building I was in

The building i was in was just bombed.  from the 10th floor news studio where i’d had an interview, a series of Israeli strikes against the building –housing numerous TV stations.

The journalists i was with say it was 7 hits, suspect it was shelling from Israeli tanks east of Gaza, it’s hard to say really because it happened very suddenly.

No where is safe from Israeli strikes.

And as the Palestinians say, hek idiniya: that’s life.

S. asks me the question every Palestinian is asking: “Why are they bombing us?” He adds the bit that many here add: “I’m not Fatah, not Hamas.”

And then, “I’m like anyone, I like vodka.”  He tells me he’ll show me sometime, in the future.  “If I have a future,” he adds with a sad grin…

28 thoughts on “israel bombed the news building I was in

  1. Thank you for these Informations and thank you that you write behind the curtain of the censorship.
    Be sure, the world need thes Informations and the world read your lines
    God may be with you the next time and he may hold his protecting hand over you!

    Best wishes from Germany

  2. What is happening in Palestine is a big injustice – a human injustice. Something like this should never happen.
    World shoud be ashamed.

    Strength and courage to the Pelestines.
    الله معكم

  3. When I read the whole nightmare I…what can I say…I just wanna write something but I can’t find the words.
    Believe me that my thoughts are with all of you!
    I’m so sorry,I pray with all my hart that this stops soon,hold on! Cvictor the Netherlands.

  4. I’m from France and so devasted by this barbarity.
    I want too tell you that here there are many protest but medias dont tell the thruth.
    So thanks a lot for yours information is very important to inform the world to tell the Thruth what is happening in Gaza.
    We must protest more and boycot Israel this criminal-state.
    We hope Justice and Freedom for Palestinian People.
    Our better thouths for you, family, relatives, People Palestian

  5. We have groups on Facebook as well. There is no justice for what Israel is doing. Not at all. The world must react with boycott just like they did with the apartheid-regime in South-Africa. I have no words.. Stop killing the children!! My heart bleeds. Free Palestine!

  6. I can’t watch the news anymore without crying for the children of Gaza. No child deserves this. May God protect every child and innocent civilian in Gaza. If there is a just God..He can’t let this go on. I pray.

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