injured, denied access: Israeli soldiers shoot woman in stomach and keep elderly hostages


Souad, 35, shot in both right and left arms and the left side of her abdomen.  Her three grandchildren were killed and the family house demolished by an Israeli army tank shelling at the home in eastern Jabaliya, family said.

Friday night, Red Crescent ambulances in Jabaliya collected numerous victims of smoke inhalation: a strange chemical smoke which seizes the lungs and air passage, and suffocates the victims.Many elderly were collected in turns, and a 3 month old baby was brought in held by a sobbing mother.

At least, at least we were able to reach them.  A Palestinian Red Crescent dispatcher has received what he says is hundreds of calls from the northern Gaza area alone, which have been left unanswered as the areas are under Israeli military occupation.

A glimpse of some of the cases one ambulance took during a brief 6 hours:

Abu Sheradha, 60.  Along with his wife, he was kept trapped within his home in eastern Jabaliya, surrounded by Israeli soldiers, and for 3 days wasn’t able to get the diabetes and hypertension medicine he needs.

63 year old Ahmed, one of at least 4 elderly kept locked in their home, at gunpoint, by Israeli soldiers who’d invaded the area east of Jabaliya.

With relative Safhia, 60, shot in wrist and shin and punched in the face.  Her husband was shot dead by the Israeli army soldiers and his body is still in the house they fled, she said.

Safhia, terrified, in shock from the ordeal of being locked into their house and abused by Israeli soldiers.

Elderly woman, Jabaliya

*fractured finger, from missile blast in his back yard, eastern Jabaliya

*gas inhalation case, Jabaliya

*delivering pregnant woman to hospital; many women have been going prematurely into labour, a result, doctors say, of stress and worry under the bombardment.  The ambulance’s rear window was shattered by a missile blast which land less than 100m from the ambulance.



*transferring to Shifa hospital, to critcal care

a baby retrieved from Attattra, northwestern Gaza, where paramedics estimate 100s of calls to retrieve the injured and the dead have gone ignored due to Israeli troops occupation of the area.  Despite Geneva Conventions, medical personnel are not able to reach the wounded, many of whom are critically wounded and will die due to the prevention of medical access. This baby, killed by white phosphorous shelling on a home, was then run over by an Israeli tank, according to aid workers who eventually retrieved the body. [photo: Mohammed from Khan Younis]



35 thoughts on “injured, denied access: Israeli soldiers shoot woman in stomach and keep elderly hostages

  1. thanks to all of you for standing up for the people of Gaza! The world will not forget your efforts, just like the world won’t forget the crimes of the Israeli warmongers. Send Livni, Barak and Olmert on a one-way ticket to the Hague.

  2. This morning I received a reaction back from the office of the prime minister of israel. It’s the usual automatic non human produced mail. However even after 15 days of war on the people of Gaza, they have the audacity to say..
    “In contrast, the State of Israel is doing its utmost to minimize any harm to the Palestinian civilian populace; hundreds of trucks carrying humanitarian aid have been allowed passage into Gaza and this assistance will continue. There is no humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.”

    Do you believe it? I certainly don’t.

  3. salam aleykum
    Very nice post again, the pictures surely speak for them selves and tell the story of this horrible horrible truth 😦
    keep up your good work
    thank you

  4. Hello Eva,
    Thanks be to God that you are safe….the photos speak for themselves. Thank you for getting the truth out……our thoughts and prayers are with you and all the people of Gaza.

  5. We protested again in Toronto yesterday.

    When they shouted shame on Canada and Shame on Israel I felt that this is s shame that must never be forgotten. Right now I truly, truly despise all of our politicians and media stooges who parrot the same lies about Israel.

  6. Thousands protested in DC yesterday!
    I weep when I read your reports and see the photos. Your words and images stay with me throughout my days. Prayers are said constantly for you to hold onto your inner strength for you and all the human rights workers, doctors and Palestinians suffering in Gaza and all throughout Palestine AND for peace to arrive in Palestine. Shokran.

  7. Hello,
    Saturday, January 10, 2009 and Sunday , January 11, 2009 took place through all Europe of the demonstrations of support to the people Palestinian, and particularly to those which suffer in Gaza.
    I heard with the radio operator this evening, that a delegation of 5 European deputies succeeded has to return in Gaza this after midday by the terminal of Rafah, they could testify on line by telephone of the catastrophe generated by the attack to the Israeli army.
    In France about thirty associations will carry to carry felt sorry for against Israel for war crime to the T.P.I (international penal court).
    We are very numerous to remain mobilized to support you.

  8. I’ve been following your blog for the last week… thankyou for your amazing work and keeping us informed with what’s happening in Gaza. I’m a radio journalist with the Australian Broadcast Corporation (similar to the BBC)… is there anyway of getting a hold of you over the phone?
    Stay safe.
    Best wishes,Kaitlyn

  9. The tears continue to fall every day and prayers continue to be said for the horrific turmoil that the Israelis are inflicting on the people of Gaza.

    Here in my state of Indiana, USA, we have had 5 weekly protests so far to demonstrate our solidarity with the people of Gaza. We continue to stand by our friends in Gaza – please know that you are not alone! Each day, more people are becoming aware of the terrible, desperate situation with the Gaza civilians. Although I am outraged (and very embarrassed by our government’s position in not defending the Palestinian people) there are many US citizens who are learning what hardships and helplessness the Palestinians have been going through, and the terrible things that the Israelis have been doing to the Gaza civilians. We remain united in our fight to Free Gaza – we are here in spirit and heart every step of the way!

  10. Thank you for your courageous work! It is so important that the world knows what is realy going on. If there was any proof needed that war is a crime: here it is. No one will win. Only the civilians in both Gaza and Israel will loose. How can peace grow out of all the hate that is now newly sowed? I am speechless in front of this horrible madness.
    I also want to express my deep admiration for the medics who do their job so bravely. You and all Palestinians trapped in this hell on earth are in my daily thoughts. May peace come soon!

    Stay safe!

  11. Thank you for this blog – the stronghold Israel has on the press does not allow for this honesty in the news or newspapers. I am from Belfast, Northern Ireland and we have protested all over the weekend against these horrendous attacks, the blatant breaking of the Geneva Convention on Israel’s part and to offer our support and prayers to you all in Gaza. My thoughts are with you and everyone in Gaza, praying that this senseless violence will soon end.

  12. Absolutely stunning field work. This latest series of developments in Gaza is encouraging me more and more to do contribute.
    That said, I wish to ask your permission if I may freely use and edit these photos on a photoblog I might start? I will apply proper credit! I wish to apply photoprocessing techniques to further add emphasis and draw attention to the eye (i.e., Black and white conversions, etc).

  13. Eva, no posts for a few days now… we really hope you are ok :S:S:S

    I hope there is just no internet connection…
    hope to hear from you soon, Inshallah…

  14. […] is an account echoed around the Gaza Strip, the same detentions and denial of food, medical care, and basic needs widespread during the Israeli invasion, despite Israel’s obligations under […]

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