bombing central Gaza

now that people have streamed out of homes in all the perimeter regions of Gaza, they are streaming out of homes in central Gaza.  I went briefly back to an apt i’d been given by PCHR, to collect some things… and decided to collect anything i valued, infinitely luckier than the dead or those who are given but 5 minutes to run for their lives.

but people are running, and the small space that is the gaza strip has become a pinpoint, with people crammed into centres and still not feeling safe.

Leila in al Quds hospital at 8:59 am: “So al Quds now has army outside. snipers next door, 50 hits near us during night and 4 hits to us.  fire in apartments behind, wounded kids near who we can’t collect…”

*smoke in the area where I’ve been given an apartment. It’s central Gaza and the snipers are close enough to warrant a warning from a concerned taxi driver seeing me walking. “Take the first right, don’t go beyond your house. The snipers have taken position nearby.”

The Al Quds hospital continues to be surrounded by invading Israeli troops, with snipers positioned in the high buildings around the hospital neighbourhood.  Doctors and those inside report being unable to leave the hospital.

The UNRWA headquarters was hit three times by tank shelling, injuring 3 UN workers.  Around 7oo Palestinians were seeking shelter in the compound, which is clearly marked as a UN compound.

Israeli forces targeted one of the media buildings housing numerous different stations.  At least 2 journalists were injured in the tank shelling on the building.

And aside from reports on the targeting of key infrastructure here, let me just repeat, people are panicking, given that Gaza City is a central place, the hub of Gaza and where those already having fled Israeli army attacks from eastern and northern regions had hoped for safety.  As we’ve said from the first day of Israel’s phenomenally brutal attacks on civilians, there still is not anywhere anyone can feel safe.


15 thoughts on “bombing central Gaza

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  2. Al Jazeera just announced that they’ve bombed the UN HQ in Gaza and the hospital in Tal El-Hawa. Keep your head down Eva!

    Praying for you and everyone there.

  3. Please stay safe , they are trying to silence you brave people , the Livny person says its not ending till they finish off Hammas , and they have the “moderate’Arabs helping them
    Its unbeleivable , I heard Sharon on Aljazeerah this morning , God Bless all of you and protect you

  4. Unbelievable what the Israelis are able to get away with.


    Bombing schools, hospitals, Mosques.

    They target ambulances, medics.
    They have now bombed another UN building yet the mass media still has this useless and bogus
    discourse about Hamas, rockets, militants etc.

    Yet we can’t even compare them to Nazis….that would be racist.
    I don’t think the Nazis ever targeted Red Cross personnel did they?

    I have never been so ashamed of our government, the CBC and most of our media outlets here in Canada.

    I can’t believe we were the only country to vote against the UN Human rights resolution.
    It makes me sick.

  5. Iam Greek, i am free civilian but i can’t breeth like a free human being. I have a soul pain and i am so ungree. Sometimes i think that Nazis were just angels relating to Israelists. Palestinians hang on. You are alwayw in my thouhts and in my prays. Keep on going.

  6. Bolivia cuts Israel ties over Gaza
    Hundreds of civilians have died in Gaza since the Israeli offensive began on December 27 [Reuters]

    Evo Morales, the president of Bolivia, says he is breaking off ties with Israel in protest against its war in Gaza, which has left more than 1,000 Palestinians dead.

    Morales said on Wednesday that he would seek to get top Israeli officials, including Ehud Olmert, the Israeli prime minister, charged with “genocide” in the International Criminal Court.

    The Bolivian president also dismissed the United Nations and its “Insecurity Council” for its “lukewarm” response to the crisis and said the general assembly should hold an emergency session to condemn the invasion.

    “Considering these grave attacks against … humanity, Bolivia will stop having diplomatic relations with Israel,” Morales told diplomats in the Bolivian capital, La Paz.

    He also said that Shimon Peres, the Israeli president, should be stripped of
    his Nobel Peace Prize for failing to stop the invasion.

  7. I’m afraid that with the diplomatic pressure rising, things are going to get much worse for the people of Gaza. Israel will attempt to inflict as much damage as possible during the final push before a cease-fire is declared. My heart aches for all of you.

  8. bon courage à vous. Je suis de tout coeur avec le peuple palestinien. Dites à vos amis que le peuple français, je dis bien le peuple, est à vos côtés!!Dites-leurs que le monde entier sait!

  9. Dear Eva, I prefer to get informed from your blog and other palestinian blogs rather than mass media
    I also tell others about
    thank you very much
    keep up
    mind and prayer with you

  10. The Canadian press is not mentioning anything that happening in Gaza.i have many concerns but they blow me away.every time i tell them the truth.they are all liars.Canada has been sold to Israel.Israel bought most of Palestine but are struggling to buy the hearts of the people. which is not for grabs at any cost.They are slowly trying to buy countries.making them to see a movie. which does not mean brother and sister get off the sofa. and parade to masjid and cry to the al mighty for guidance and obedience and forgiveness.inshallah we will be victories. ameen Allah Hafiz Canadian Brother.Peace to all of Man kind.

  11. May Allah bless to all Palestinian peoples. As being told in Quran, israel peoples will makes disaster on this planet until at the end of the day. What we can do is keep them underpresure. This is not about religion…this is about them who want to conquer the world.

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