a few short updates: continued Israeli shelling, F-16s and drones after the ceasefire

**ambulance which Arafa Abd al Dayem was loading when he was shelled by an Israeli tank dart bomb, dying shortly after being shredded by the thousands of razor-sharp darts. The ambulance was unrecoverable until two days ago, when access finally became possible to the Attrata area where Arafa was murderded and where corpses lay unretrieved.

10:12 am. 1st Day of “Cease-fire” January 18

F-16 rips overhead, very low, very loud, terrifying.Newly terrified children’sscreams. Drones buzz. People venturing home on foot, donkey cart, taxi…

**4 people killed this day by Israeli forces: 2 farmers in southern Gaza, a mother, a child in Beit Hanoun.

8 am, January 19, 2009

There is shelling now, sounds like the navy shooting, but in comparison to the incredibly powerful air bombing, it sounds like a game.I can’t tell where along the coast shelling is happening, but I did hear it throughout the night.

Still, for the past weeks, we’ve heard and felt so much more that this small amount of noise and destruction is almost unnoticeable.

7:24 am, January 20, 2009

Woke up half hour ago to the thump of shelling from the sea. Shelling continues. Don’t know the target, but heard that yesterday’s shelling (from the sea, intermittent throughout the day) was at least near southern Khan Younis.

Drones still noisy overhead.

On the first day of the ceasefire, 102 dead bodies were reported to have been recovered, accounted for, including another 17 from the Samouni family which had been shot-point blank or killed by the bombing of the house which they were locked into.Another 23 on the second day.These are still largely bodies from the surface. Many more will be found under the rubble when it is finally moved, they unearthed.

Already, having only had the time to visit some of the many destroyed houses in the Ezbet Abed Rabbo (east of Jabaliya), the Attatra region (in the northwest), the Wafa rehabilitation hospital in the east, the targeted, bombed Red Crescent centre east of Jabaliya, and a school in the north, I have many, many things to tell, photos to show.I have pages of notebooks and will share them as quickly as possible.At the same time, the need to be out documenting and taking these photos and testimonies is so strong that I can’t share these things all at once, there isn’t enough time.But what people are uncovering here is certainly more evidence of the war crimes Israeli authorities perpetrated here, unquestionably.

14 thoughts on “a few short updates: continued Israeli shelling, F-16s and drones after the ceasefire

  1. Eva, I’ve been reading here for a few weeks now. I must congratulate you on your bravery, courage, and professionalism in posting what has been a catastrophe. It has been mostly unreported in the media here (Australia) although the attacks on the UN and schools did get a mention. You have done a truly wonderful thing in relating your very personal experiences to the world, as horrifying as they’ve been. Hats off. One day you may look back at this when you’re older and really realise just what you’ve done with this blog.

    Until the, stay safe over there, best wishes,

    Peter, Australia.

  2. I am from vancouve,canada and i wanted to say that most of the news today in canada is about Barack Obama.He is a supporter of Israel like all the other presidents of the USA.The news concerning Gaza is more important to me and a lot of other people than news about Barack Obama.I would’nt call it a real cease fire in the Gaza.It will be up to the people of Gaza and the working class around the world to force Israel to leave Gaza.There won’t be any permenant peace in Palestine until the israeli gov.is overthrown by the Palestinian people and anyone else who supports the palestinian struggle.That is how South Africa got rid of the apartheid gov.There should be no let up in condemning the govs. of the world who support israel.It should be the top priority for everone who supports the Palestinian people.

    Stan Squires

  3. Your dedication, bravery, and thirst for justice are truly inspiring, a proof that a determined individual can be more effective than the controlled media.

  4. We need you to continue to collect evidence if any of the allegations of war crimes against Israel have a hope of standing up. Don’t worry about the blog so much. We’ll be here waiting when your ready.

  5. Yes please take as much time as you need to collect and document everything you can, as the real work is only just beginning. Wish I was there to give you a hand with it all.

  6. I’ve been sitting here for the past few minutes, reading your blog, and weeping. (I’m not a tender-hearted person).

    I admire your courage and determination, and I think you are doing a fantastic job, on the spot.

    I hope you can persist when this ‘latest news’ all blows over, and the rest of the world resumes normal life and forgets its disgust at this savagery and carnage.

    Good luck and God bless.

  7. […] –December 2008 posts (scroll down) –January 2009 posts (scroll though) –February 2009 follow-up posts –videos (some) –israel’s widespread use of White Phosphorous: –White phosphorous mutilated and murdered family members [photos and video] –“next time it will hurt more”: Israeli threat against surviving family members of White Phosphorous attack [follow-up on the family I met in Shifa hospital] -the attacked Wafa rehabilitation hospital –Long-burning fires: White Phosphorous on Sheikh Rajleen –Documenting Israel’s use of White Phosphorous and widespread destruction –some of the israeli war crimes: –widespread attacks on Gaza leave nearly 300 dead, hundreds seriously injured (start of the war on Gaza) –israeli army kills Palestinian medic with dart bomb –Israeli Sniper Targets Uniformed Medics: what I witnessed in Gaza –Another funeral bombed –Shifa ICU: a glimpse of hospital critical injuries –injured, denied access: Israeli soldiers shoot woman in stomach and keep elderly hostages –While eating chips and chocolate, Israeli soldiers assassinate 2 and 7 year old –“They killed me three times”: Palestinian father on Israeli army murder of family members including infant girl –All we’ve got left of him: parents speak of their israeli-drone-struck youth –Burning al Quds: one of Gaza’s remaining functional hospitals bombed in Israel’s war on Gaza –Updates from runs with medics; grief of husband of drone-struck woman –israel bombed the news building I was in –israel’s ceasefire violations: –It’s a ceasefire…just not on the beach, not in your home: Israeli soldier shoots 7 year old boy in head; –Continued Israeli shelling, F-16s and drones after the ceasefire […]

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