Month: January 2009

why we are staying

Israeli authorities benevolently announced that today, January 2nd, the 7th day of Israel’s air attacks throughout Gaza, internationals would be permitted to leave through the Erez crossing.

As I write, the radio reports the latest attack: a drone rocket targets an area near Al Quds Open university in Khan Younis, killing 3 young girls from the same family, al Astal, between the ages 10-13, I’m told.

1:30 pm
I write from the Al Shifa hospital ICU staff room, where I’ve just seen another recently-dead patient, 13 years old. “He died as a result of his different injuries: internal bleeding,and the most important injury, brain trauma, brain matter out,” Dr. Rami tells me. “He arrested, we administered CPR for 30 minutes and no response.”

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day 6, Israeli war on Gaza: endless drones, endless bombings


From a news building’s height, I can see the black clouds from recent strikes.  To the north, in Jabaliya, a Hamas leader’s house has been hit, taking down 4 story’s and the occupants inside.  In addition to the Hamas leader, Nizar Rayyan (50) estimates of at least 10 family members, including children.

To the east, 2 different plumes, the most recent resulting in what TV images soon show to be a burned child’s corpse, the first of the dead shown.

“They’re going crazy,” the newsmen say, stating it’s beyond anything they’ve seen before. They are from Gaza. post continues