As the war planes loom overhead

The sounds that terrified during the war –the roar of F-16s, the drones, border and sea shelling, air strikes…these still go on in Gaza. You just don’t hear about them in the mainstream media, until it’s absolutely necessary to acknowledge Israel’s terrorizing of a trapped population.  And then the news goes something like “in the first strikes in 3 months…”, neglecting the routine bombing of tunnels, the sea harassment, the farmers and civilians dead and injured from Israeli shooting in the 1 km of ‘buffer zone’, Israeli-imposed (and only on the Gaza side).

There’s a sonic boom now: they are more than a blast of speed, they’re a simulation of bombing, and with them are the rush of a US-funded, Canadian-parts-supplied warplane flying low overhead.

So it was particularly fitting that I should come across an interview with Mazin Qumsiyeh in which he highlights a little-spoken but massive truth about Israel:

The Israeli economy is booming because it is based on the export of weapons and conflict.

He says:

Israel is now the biggest exporter of conflicts in the world, in my opinion, surpassing even the United States. For example, the Sri Lankan government uses Israeli weapons and expertise against the Tamils, committing massacres even as we speak. And Israel profits financially. The Israeli economy is booming because it is based on the export of weapons and conflict. In addition, the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip nets Israel billions of dollars each year. Approximately 40 to 45 percent of all humanitarian aid into the Occupied Palestinian Territory ends up in Israeli hands. This is documented by a series of publications and research on the economy of the occupation by Israeli researcher Sher Hever of the Alternative Information Center. The occupation is big business.

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