I’m reading about the 3 Israeli tanks and 2 military bulldozers which invaded Beit Hanoun land earlier today, Israeli soldiers razing land and burning 5 dunums of farmland, according to local witnesses. Meanwhile, I’m vaguely aware of the hum of Israeli warplanes that have been polluting Gaza’s skies for the last 10? 20 minutes…? I don’t know exactly, at some point awareness of them occurs, then fades away…all is normal.

An explosion. Distant attack or sonic boom? People outside continue as before, so it is a sonic boom.

And as I type, I again become aware that the roar of Israeli warplanes is overhead again. So we’ll wait for the next explosion.

…and there it is, 10 minutes later.  Normal.

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  1. Normality!!
    What a funny World this is! It is normal to die in Gaza its normal to feel the imposed hunger, thirst and loss of beloved ones. Its Gaza anyways, Western civilization cannot stretch its humanity enough to include Gaza, its media can care a lot for Michael Jackson, but the less about the dying 1.5 million people of Gaza

    How about this abnormality:

    The Gazans and Egyptians along with the Lebanese are continuing their unfair siege of Israel, the only ‘democratic nation’ in the middle east, Israel is fighting back with homemade rockets ripped from their sewage systems, the Israelis are fighting back to refuse the slavery that is about to be imposed on them so they accept the siege and dig the tunnels to survive. The Americans and Europeans had given up on Israel, they cannot support its national platitudes anymore, the Israelis are left alone to battle the savaged Palestinians and their guided missiles and Heavy loaded arsenal. Israel is barely surviving and no one cares.

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