One thought on “Solace of the sea

  1. Gaza,

    I’ll take your troubles so they won’t find you,
    I’ll carry your sorrows so they won’t call you,
    I’ll hold your sadness so they cannot haunt you
    That’s how my love to you grows
    higher than all the soul can hope or the mind can hide

    Your sea brought you life and your enemies,
    Strange it is your symphonies
    Your sun rains at night
    And your sliver moon darkens the sight,
    But your love is way above any height,
    And so my broken arms will still hold you tight
    My clipped wings will still make the flight
    To you Gaza

    So don’t worry, don’t worry
    I can feel your sea breeze on my face
    Even though I am thousands of miles away
    Your grace brought Eva her solace,
    Your grace, your grace, oh your grace

    Gaza, I love you I swear, I’ll die for you, I’ll…..I’ll do it I swear
    So that
    Lavender fields will grow on top of the phosphorous
    And silver trees will fill the shell craters
    And shell shocked children will play like its heaven
    And elderly will sing Palestinian rhymes, like my grandfather used to do
    Like I do when I think of you
    Don’t worry Gaza….. don’t worry

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