there’s beauty: Gaza Ramadan day 11


Looking for beauty when surrounded by injustices.

Right up until maghreb, when the sun sets and the call to prayer rings out and the fasting masses can begin iftaar, Abu Adham related the events of yesterday’s Israeli navy shooting and shelling of his boat, destroying it.

This is the third major Israeli harassment (to put it too lightly), and by far the worst, which Abu Adham’s boat has endured in the last year only. Prior incidents include: IOF shooting with live ammunition, IOF water-cannon dousings (high pressured water, sometimes laced with a nauseous toxic spray, aimed at key structural parts of the boat and at windows, which can knock fishermen off their feet and shatter cabin windows), IOF confiscation of Abu Adham’s boat and abduction of his crew (including son).

And that’s only speaking of his own boat. The majority of Gaza’s fishermen have faces similar acts of Israeli terrorism on Palestinian waters.

But this one broke Abu Adham. Or at least his boat.

We spent until sunset, listening to his testimony, to him speak of his family –13 children, all his family crammed into a 400m square apartment and now without income.

We photographed and took videos of the numerous, uncountable bullet holes from this latest Israeli navy attack (previous attacks’ bullet holes had been patched), of the completely burned deck, destroyed cabin, of the hole left by the mortar the IOF navy fired at the boat, after subjecting the fishermen to over 15 minutes of heavy gunfire.

And Abu Adham recalled a Ramadan past, when a fisherman was martyred by the IOF navy.

And yet, despite all of this, despite the impossibility of his situation, and that of most of Gaza’s fishermenfarmers…civilians… he smiled now and then.

And the sunset was again lovely.



One thought on “there’s beauty: Gaza Ramadan day 11

  1. Eva, I love your blog. You manage to inform and denounce and at the same time you let us have a scent of Gaza and Gazans’ lives. Thank you for your work.

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