finding pleasure in small celebrations:Nuit Blanche in Gaza


Every year around the beginning of October, Parisians celebrate Nuit Blanche, a night when the city is lit up and the musicians and artists crowd the streets.

Every year in Gaza, artists and talented Palestinians show their works at the French Cultural Centre in Gaza City.

This year saw, in addition to the artwork displayed inside, an array of singers and dancers including: traditional Palesitnian Dabke!; a band comprising oud and guitar players, playing traditional and non-traditional music; the Palestinian Rapperz; Camps Breakerz, a group of youths using breakdancing to express themselves and, as always, the intertwined political messages of life in an occupied land.

Including a rendition of Cheb Khaled’s Aicha and the famous “Aux Champs Elysées




[note: camera ran out of battery. at the next occasion, i will film more of the young break-dancers, whose athleticism and training is impressive]

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