no power, but rain

tree light*before the power cut

power outages are common, so common that the lack of power is never a surprise, it’s more like a clock: “oh, it’s that time, is it?” [although power cuts are not punctual nor kind with their time].

one gets accustomed to dimmed streets and darkened stores. When not at home, the sputtering generators coughing out fumes are the indicators that the power is out.

and at a falafel shop, it was the abrupt halt of the pepper-grinding machine that announced the blackout.

later, the rain arrived, vying to blot out the generators’ hummings…

the farmers in the “buffer zone” should be happy about the rain; from Beit Hanoun in the north to Faraheen and Khozaa in the south, farmers i’ve spoken with have rightfully lamented the loss of their water cisterns and wells, destroyed by Israeli bulldozer and tank invasions or flattened during the winter massacre (the one Goldstone reported on, despite the PA, Israel and the US’s collaborated efforts to erase from the minds of conscious people around the world)

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