kitten tales

RC station abed rabbo

At the Ezbet Abed Rabbo Red Crescent office the other day [shelled during the 23 day Israeli massacre of Gaza, including with what is believed to have been white phosphorous], Abu Basel pulled me into one of the more destroyed rooms to see what he says are the newest victims: he believes 2 of a 4 kitty litter have been born disfigured as a result of the chemicals. Hard to say, but they are unable to walk and were born in that bombed area.

And that’s the thing, no one will know for a while just what the affects of the bombings and residual poisons will be, but farmers I’ve met cite poor palm tree production, poor olive harvests, stunted crop growth and predict future crops will not do well.

The shelved Goldstone report was but one aspect of bringing justice to Palestinians attacked during the Israeli massacre of Gaza. Another aspect is the continually-delayed rebuilding (because Israel refuses to allow in vitally-needed cement and building materials, among countless other things, like medicines, school supplies…). Were Gaza, Palestine, any other country, post-massacre munitions and chemical experts would have been allowed in, to test the soil, to remove unexploded ordinance, to clear the rubble of (intentionally) demolished homes…

Instead, these sit, rot, poison, and affect the people who in many cases continue to live in/by the damaged and toxic areas in question.
*Red Crescent centre at Diwwar Zimmo immediately after the end of the massacre

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