child sister

In Palestine it is not unordinary to take care of a stranger’s child on a taxi ride.  A smile, a gesture, and this delicate creature is handed over by the mother with arms full.

Today it was a mother busy with her newborn.  Her toddler daughter sat smiling, radiant, next to her.  But at the first of many bumps while the taxi braked for a pothole in the road, she tumbled forward.

Without need to even consider the mother’s reaction, I picked her up and sat her next to me, arm around her.

And as expected, her mother sent a grateful, friendly smile, and turned back to caring for the infant.

Mothers,women in general, are strong in Palestine, and this young mother was by no means incapable of caring for the two.  But a little child cuddle is always nice, and I relish the trust that is granted with respect to children.  Children are sacred; everyone will do anything for children, to care for them and to keep them happy. People in Palestine have no need to fear, as we do outside, that someone will harm their child –except the obvious: Israeli soldiers and attacks.

Palestinian children are not spoiled, they grow up too early and know far too much about the adult world from their continual exposure to the violence of the Israeli occupation and attacks.  But their laughter and beauty defy their surroundings and daily existence.

DSC08400*friends’ daughter

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  1. Hi Eva.

    Your work is absolutly stunning and might make the most adamant and endoctrinated people to seriously rethink their own ideologies. I understand that information pertaining to donations has already been mentioned on your blog. But I was wondering from your own experience whether it is easy for a palestinian woman to claim money in some financial institutions which has been sent to them, within Gaza .As you pick up financial contributions at Western Union, do you encounter many non-western women? I wanted to be sure this individual can get the money on her own. Finally, do you know if the Western Union office is close to Khan Yunis?

    Thanks, and sorry my gross ignorance on the topic.

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