Flu season is here, and it’s going around.  As I nurse a light case of it, through that haze of a throbbing head, congestion, and fever, I realize that am grateful for a number of things:

-that I have a roof and walls, without craters from shelling, without leaks through bomb-cracked walls, with blankets and adequate protection from the cold nights

-that I have the money to go to a pharmacy and buy meds

-that it is only the flu, not a serious or chronic illness and that there are some light medications available, as opposed to desperately needed medecines and treatments which are denied Palestinians in Gaza under the siege

-that every Palestinian I know who hears I’m not feeling 100% offers a ‘salamtek’ (basically, ‘get well’) and home remedies (which are grounded in good sense and are quite effective)

-that chamomile can be bought in bulk for next to nothing

I’m also grateful to Gaza, that the pulse of life continues to defy Israel and the international community’s attempts to smother Palestinians. There are still beautiful things to notice in Gaza, be they the celebration of another wedding (despite all financial obstacles) or an unseen bit of old Gaza, as I noticed today.

The building, off the main east-west street in Gaza city, Omar Mukthar, shares the characteristic old arched windows and doors as those of occupied Jerusalem, Nablus, and all over Palestine.

It’s sad, of course, that the windows are boarded and the building likely vacant… but the history is there, hasn’t been erased, just as the spirit I see daily.  Sometimes it’s behind a dirty grey wall, or under a layer of frustration, but the pulse still beats.


  1. Hi Eva,

    are you working as a volounteer with ISM?
    Because if so, I heard about you by Vik Arrigoni.
    I read your post and..thank you.. What you write is very important for me and moving and impressive..
    I think you have had a very important and copurageous experience in Gaza..

    Thank you for your effort.

    Hugs from Rome


  2. Dear Eva
    As we are approaching the first anniversary of Israel’s massacres in Gaza, I’m doing a special report about it for an one of the most prestigious Iranian news magazines. I’d appreciate a lot to have a note by you as a member of Humanitarian group activists in Gaza, who were present on that period there and a witness that can contain:
    – why have you chosen to defend this cause and be there although it was very dangerous
    – from when were you there and till when?
    – what was the humanitarian situation of Gaza under siege before the Israeli attack
    – the situation under attack, what you witnessed (no electricity, …..
    – the way you made your voice heard worldwide (interviews, blogging, …
    – one year later, what’s your thoughts about what went on, and the future of Gaza?
    please attach also 3 photos of yourself in Gaza so that one can be used for the article

    Sincerely Yours
    Hamed Nematollahi

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