coins and bombs

-by Eva Bartlett

*Coins from Palestine, before the Nakba, before the occupation, before the siege, before the massacre. History and beauty remain in Palestine, despite “israel”‘s effort to erase the history, the memories, the life.

*In the same house in Attatra, northwestern Gaza, a collection of weapons “israel” dropped on their area.

*A lovely house, surrounded by agricultural land and trees.  On the rooftop, the family keeps bees, drawing on the grandfather’s hobby.  When he fled 1948 Palestine during the Nakba, he managed to bring some of his bees with him, and kept his practise as a refugee in Gaza.

Beyond the living room window, the strewed remains of “israeli” tank & bulldozer-razed trees and greenhouses.  From inside, it is almost possible to forget the massacre of one year ago.  Except for that collection of spent bombs.


  1. Thank you Eva for your concern and to disclose the facts ..
    Nice theme ..
    Wonderful words and its way ..

  2. We thank you, dear Eva solidarity with our brothers in the Gaza Strip and disclosure practices of the occupation against the Palestinian people
    Who tried to change the geography of conducting and identity theft attempts Palestinian and heritage to its lineage to them.

    Mohammed Aldabuss

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