an obsession with hearts in Gaza


For a Strip that has been repeatedly battered by the world’s bully, has been under siege for nearly 4 years, has been ostracized and isolated –even mocked–by the international community of decision -makers and corporate media, Gaza sure is full of love and signs of it.

In taxis, those ubiquitous hearts dangling from windshields or decorated fluffy white kitten teddy bears.

On walls, heralding another wedding.

On burly motorbikes –which can be adorned with those cats, bears, and handlebar frills.

And in random graffiti on walls.

Perhaps cheesey in many cases, but certainly goes to show that love abounds here, despite the odds.



wall heart

taxi teddy

taxi teddy decor




5 thoughts on “an obsession with hearts in Gaza

  1. Hi!
    I recently found this blog through a friend.

    We recently started a group for to collect handmade hats for Gazan children. So far, we have made and collected over 100 hats from all over the globe, and they are being hand-delivered for us by a friend who is attending the March on Gaza at the end of this month.
    We are already collecting and making (knit, crochet, sewn) hats for our next delivery. Our effort is on-going and we hope to make and collect 2010 hats in 2010.
    We would love to have our blog featured on yours, or added to the blogroll. We need to use every means necessary to get the word out and get people involved in our cause.

    Please do visit our blog:

    Thank you!

  2. […] a taxi, wall, or t-shirt (including mens) that isn’t adorned with hearts. There’s an obsession with love here, in the words and in the decor.  Waiting for a taxi early morning, I see a cart that hasn’t […]

  3. […] typical are these). But as cluttered as most cars seem, with their numerous stuffed animals and dangling, flashing hearts and Cowboy Up stickers plastered on tattered windows (I have no idea why), this is the norm in […]

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