fish qanoon, fi oud

I’m sitting talking with a Palestinian friend about Israeli violations of international law, international human rights law, norms and standards… and he sums it up: “fish qanoon… fi oud“,  “there’s no (respect for) law… there’s oud.”

qanoon has two meanings: law… and a classical stringed instument played table-top.

so he jokes: there’s no law, just oud (the lute-like instrument).

a typical a tongue in cheek sample of Palestinian humour, and of dealing with the brutal reality.

earlier, i’m sitting with an ngo-worker and he is victorious on their find: paper, standard blank office paper.

sure, there’s paper from the tunnels, but a siege-abiding ngoer, as much as he/she doesn’t want to, must play by the zionist rules: no using tunnel products.  he’s spent half a day just trying to find ‘legal’ paper.

but the story gets more ridiculous.  i learn of the process of reciving ‘legal’ goods via Israeli crossings.  They are, as Amira Hass reported, less than 40 items.   but the absurdity of aquiring them goes like this:

fill out a form for each item.  describe it: what is a pencil.  provide a company name and an internet link to a photo of the item (photo of a pencil).  describe its useage and what you plan to do with it.

the colossal waste of time just trying to aquire basic supplies

absurdity.  fish qanoon.

2 thoughts on “fish qanoon, fi oud

  1. Regarding the requirements for ordering pencils and paper, it is not only absurd but humiliating too. I suspect that is the primary goal of such nonsense.

    Thanks for telling us about these daily hardships.

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