I woke to Israeli shelling Palestinian fishermen. It is a distinct sound unfortunately too familiar; there’s no mistaking it.

As I sit by the sea now –the power is out at home and it is stifling inside –I hear the whumps of more shelling from the sea.

Free Gaza and Canadian Boat to Gaza twitter about the latest Greek interference in the Flotilla:

Greek coast guard sendingn zodiac. they may try and board us.

we’re been boarded. just got stepped over by two coast guards

We still have control of the Tahrir, but Greek coast guard is trying to take control. We’re resisting nonviolently. This is our boat!

Greek coast guard has commandeered the Tahrir and towing us to port.

–tweets DylanPenner

Outsourcing the Gaza blockade

The Greek Coast Guard has arrested the captain of a boat headed for Gaza. The Audacity of Hope – the flagship vessel in a flotilla delivering aid to Gaza – was carrying 3,000 letters of support for Palestinians.

The ship set sail on Friday defying Greece’s ban on all ships heading to Gaza leaving their ports. Greek authorities accuse it of setting sail without permission and endangering the lives of passengers.

So, is Israel outsourcing its blockade to Greece? And does the move signal a shift in relations between the two countries?

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