killing Gaza again

I’m looking at a split photo: one side is a smiling boy, a chubby-cheeked toddler, and the other his dismembered, burnt corpse, pelvis torn apart. Islam Kraike is one of at least 15 Palestinians killed in Gaza by the Israeli military in the last 4 days.

I was going to reach out to my local Canadian media, good ole Torstar Corporation-owned Guelph Mercury –which last posted news about Gaza in 2010 (since NOTHING has happened since then) but then just figured, fuck it, the corporate media’s agenda is to either not report on the current massacre of Gaza period, or to report bil ax, backwards.

So here I am self-publishing, in the interest of getting news, words directly from Palestinians in Gaza, my feelings as a has-been in Gaza with loved ones breathing under the bombs, and as a humanely-minded person, which I’d like to dream many still are, corporate media (including the Mercury) aside. And as one who has lived through the last Israeli war on Gaza.

for now need to rant/self-publish…because loved ones, highly-educated and dignified human beings in Gaza are verging on death.

Can you imagine, as a comfortable Canadian/American/European/African/Asian what it is to know your family can in any moment be torn apart by the world’s fourth largest army?  And even if they weren’t my family, the horror, the terror, of Israel’s military might against Palestinians 1.6 million civilians locked into a miniscule Strip.

But now I can’t actually find the words to describe the horror of watching this unfold, knowing that Israel is Zionistically ruthless, terroristic, biddun gelb, enough to perpetrate another war on Gaza.

So instead of reiterating what others have noted about these latest attacks (including that the Israeli army itself denies having any proof the initial attacks on Israelis were actually done by Palestinians, let alone Gazan Palestinians), I will simply post some links, photos and brief words.

“Why Israel will open Erez for international tomorrow? and why Egypt will allow foreign passports holders to leave Gaza through Rafah tomorrow? What is the deal, when there is no explicit request for internationals to leave?” Mohammed, an acclaimed Palestinian journalist from Rafah FBed.

“The Israeli army has deployed hundreds of tanks on Gaza borders, Internationals to be evacuated tomorrow. Gaza now under Israeli navy attack…Internationals in Gaza are due to be evacuated tomorrow. Israeli tanks are on the border. One Israeli killed by a grad missile from Gaza.” 15 Palestinians dead so far. The last time Israel had such a mobilization the IDF killed over 1000 Palestinian civilians, hundreds of children and injured 5300 more. ” Adie, my ISM colleague replied before Mohammed’s questions.

Boy, blown apart for Israel’s premeditated revenge… on what?

Israel’s Eilat Venture

4 thoughts on “killing Gaza again

  1. Please take care of yourself.
    Thank you for writing and sending us your article. You are doing a superb job, alerting the world to this latest Israeli outrage.

  2. Like any peacenik I hope you are wrong about the signs of preparation for Cast Lead 2.

    Reports in Haaretz suggest the Israeli cabinet is not looking to do this, partly so as not to be responsible for an embarrassing bloodbath (worse than the current one that is) when the UN votes in September. Debkafile says they cannot risk Hezbollah coming into the fight this time. With a reputed 30,000 projectiles aimed at Israel and operatives trained in the use of the Scuds that are in nearby Syria, it might be a real consideration.

    Those photographs are really horrific. Very, very disturbing. Facebook seems to have taken them all down at the moment but last time I looked they were still up at europalestine:

    Your reports are an excellent mixture of the horrors, the few simple pleasures and the everyday torment of life under occupation. I greatly appreciate them and wish I could disseminate them far and wide.

    Take care

  3. Israel stops at nothing… will do nothing… to stop the occupation and theft of more land… Israelis are killers, thieves and liars…

    American Jews and Christians are their supporters in the name of God… They are responsible for this carnage, destruction and wrath… Whose God would condone such atrocities? What kind of God would allow this? This is NOT the God that I believe in… This is NOT the God that I would pray for my own forgiveness…

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