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A typical Palestinian car interior (decor-wise. If speaking of the actual condition of cars, more typical are these). But as cluttered as most cars seem, with their numerous stuffed animals and dangling, flashing hearts and Cowboy Up stickers plastered on tattered windows (I have no idea why), this is the norm in Palestine.  In the occupied West Bank in 2007 I marveled at the same decor in serviises (shared mini-van taxis), surprised by such a feminine, childish touch, with a burly or devout man behind the wheel who more often than not used to have other work before taking to driving taxis. I’ve written before, but it bears repeating: for such an occupied people suffering for over 60 years of dispossession, assaults, imprisonment, and further dispossession, Palestinians are some of the most openly-loving, child-doting people I’ve ever encountered, even if their car decor is ridiculous.

Gaza’s most pleasurable place  (when ignoring the gross pollution –double meaning of gross–of the sea and the daily  Israeli occupying army’s naval assaults on Gaza’s brave fishers, also gross…).

One thought on “random photos

  1. Thank you for your writing from Gaza. Your reports make Gaza a real place for us here in Canada, with real people who’s humanity and dignity is under constant threat. It is important to counter the narrative by Western governments and elites that dehumanize Palestinians.

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