911 Humans here

this documentary is 2 years old and the reality now is all the worse.

Gaza is now on the brink of a total power blackout–not the half-day or whole-day every single day power outages which Palestinians in Gaza are sadly accustomed to, but a TOTAL power outage. Aside from the obvious basics—water, sanitation, and many hospital machines–which are halted or severely disrupted by power outages, think of the cold winter nights without power, the daily efforts to get to work or study without fuel for taxis…A simple example: Emad tells me he waited over an hour for a taxi from Gaza southbound, a trip that would normally after 10 minutes get underway. His home is like most of the Strip, without central heating or any heating to speak of, concrete-walled, devoid-of-hot water, cold-air-projecting blocks of homes. We could applaud the Palestinians of Gaza for energy-conservation, but it isn’t because they are more moral than any of us, its because they have no choice… in anything pertaining to their daily lives. Child sick? Doesn’t matter, he/she is not going to leave Gaza for treatment.  Freezing home? Doesn’t matter, Gaza is without power.  Ill loved one? Doesn’t matter, they require the Israeli-approved permissions –almost never granted—for that out of Gaza treatment.

It seems a very obvious answer, when asking: what can we do to help Palestinians with health issues…? Allow them to have the treatment they need, wherever that might necessitate. But in reality, many are racist and cannot recognise that those Palestinians desperately needing health care unavailable in the Gaza Strip, are the same people as our loved ones, our siblings, aunts, and grandparents.

Why is it so easy to forget the murders of Palestinians, Iraqis, Libyans, …and all those in the bulls-eye of the Globalists?

Gaza is out of the mainstream reporting but under a daily, worsening, engineered crisis.

We here in North America couldn’t function more than a day without power.  Imagine Gaza, with its destroyed infrastructure and numerous internally-displaced…how the hell can Gaza function? Is it acceptable that families get by, just barely, on food-aid which doesn’t provide the nutrition children and adults need?

“Rice,  sugar,  oil, lentils,  and flour. And that’s it. Its what we call emergency rations, its supposed to keep you going for a couple of weeks, a couple of months at the most, in a humanitarian crisis” (ENGINEERED). There has been no effective action to lift this siege on Gaza. It’s illegal, under international law.  The people of Gaza are calling on, and they are right to call on, the international community to move beyond words of sympathy and empathy with the people, to move into effective action to actually get the international law that they are responsible for upholding implemented here.”-John Ging, former UN

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