Run For Palestine, For Gaza

*Run For Palestine past event

Dear Friends,

I have registered to participate in the July 15 Run for Palestine.  The proceeds will go to both Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP UK) and Islamic Relief, both of whom do amazing work in Gaza.  Having myself lived in Gaza for two years, I saw the good works of both organizations and vouch for their credibility and integrity.

25% of the proceeds will go to providing meals for impoverished children during the month of Ramadan (which begins soons); 25% will go to planting new olive trees in Gaza. Both of those projects will be done by Islamic Relief.

MAP-UK will use the proceeds to bring 4 doctors from Gaza here, to train them on treating certain diseases in children, like cancer. MAP will also send needed medications to Gaza.

If you would like to pledge on my behalf for the two organizations, please let me know or, alternatively, you can donate directly to the website.

Hope to see some of you on Sunday.

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