Run through High Park, for Palestine

Since I was participating in today’s Run for Palestine, I was only able to take a few photos before the event. I’m sure that organizers and others will post photos on the website in days to come.

However it was a great run, over 70 participants, lots of good spirit, and everyone crossed the line despite high humidity and heat.  I’m told I finished the 5 km run in 24 minutes and 45 seconds, which is better than I expected, having not trained very much in the days leading up to today’s Run.  My main goal was to raise awareness, and funds, for the NGOs (MAP UK and Islamic Relief) and the work the do in Gaza (see previous post), and to wear Palestine’s flag as I ran, as did everyone else.

Nice work to the organizers and thank you everyone who donated and supported the Run for Palestine in some way. Pledges in my name contributed over $367 (some pledged that I don’t know about so it’s over $400).  Thanks to all. Chukran al kul.


2 thoughts on “Run through High Park, for Palestine

  1. Thanks very much Brian. It was a great event and made better by all the supporters! All the best and many thanks, Eva

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