disappointed Calvin

Fufu is a precocious child, with impressive determination and intelligence. The last of six children, he is coddled only with love, not with money. Like his siblings, he finds creative ways to amuse himself most of the time.  He’s a couple years younger than Calvin, but as mischievous Watterson’s boy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has similar monologues in his tiny head. But today, he was hoping to join kindergarten, even though he is still a year shy of that.  Some parents, if they have the extra funds, enroll their kids a year early, especially bright ones like Fufu.  And somehow he knew this.  But his family, generous with their kids as they are, don’t have those extra funds to do so. Nonetheless, stubborn Fufu got dressed and put his backpack on and waited in the stairwell outside his door, hoping that he’d start kindy today.

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