Month: November 2012

Israel bombed the stadium where disabled athletes train

*Palestine stadium, home to Gaza’s association for disabled athletes, bombed in the Nov 2012 Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Deaths also happened naturally during the recent Israeli attacks, as did illnesses. For the ill, most over-crowded hospitals, functioning in emergency mode, had no room for mundane everyday illnesses (however serious they would normally be considered). One of Emad’s uncle’s passed away by natural causes during the attacks. Holding the three days of mourning most families abide by becomes difficult under the bombs, particularly when the Zionist army is noted for bombing mourning tents (including in the week prior to the officially-declared Zionist attacks (Israel bombs mourning tent, Nov 10)


Walking on a Gaza backstreet parallel to the main east-west street, Omar Mukthar, I see over a low wall splatters of mud across the side of tall building. It takes me a minute to understand how the mud got sprayed there. Stepping through a space in the wall, I see the crater whose dirt was spewed onto the wall when a presumably F-16 bomb was dropped. CONTINUE READING

the bombed coastal bridge and other unsettling things, post-Israeli-attacks

Crossing Wadi Gaza (Gaza valley) was always an event where the scenery became secondary to the odour: notorious for smelling of a vast cistern, the Wadi has for years been one of the main tributaries of Gaza’s sewage, channelling sewage from central Gaza into the sea, at a rate of roughly 80 million litres a day.


But after the last Israeli attacks, the route itself has become the primary concern, nauseating odour secondary.

In the hours between Tuesday Nov 20 and Wed Nov 21, an Israeli warplane bombed the simple but vital bridge connecting Gaza and all north of the Wadi with central Gaza and all south. CONTINUE READING

After the Zionist bombing stopped (again)

-by Eva Bartlett

Life as normal resumes, as normal as it can be in Gaza under increasingly choking Israeli closures for years (back to the nineties even), bombed relentlessly over the yeas—with major Zionist assaults in 2006, early 2008, 2008/2009, 2012—and “minor” attacks sporadically, continuously.

With the cessation of Israeli bombings come small graces, like schools re-opening, shops re-opening, being able to walk and drive on the streets with far less fear of being bombed (though the lethally real possibility still exists), stocking up on market goods, getting a new supply of drinking water brought in. CONTINUE READING

Zionists violated cease-fire from the start…and still are

*photo: 2:12 pm, Nov 26, Deir al Balah, Gaza Strip

Agreement of Understanding For a Ceasefire in the Gaza Strip

1. A. Israel should stop all hostilities in the Gaza Strip land, sea and air including incursions and targeting of individualsCONTINUE READING

Killing before the Calm: Israeli Attacks on Palestinian Civilians Escalated before Cease-fire

*Nader Abu Mghaseeb, 14, killed by targeted Israeli drone bombing two hours before the “cease-fire” while going to get food for his family.
-by Eva Bartlett

**NOTE: contains graphic images…reality of Palestinians under occupation and continuous Israeli attacks.

Nov 21, al Aqsa hospital, Deir al Balah. At approximately 2pm, Mubarak Ibrahim Abu Houly, 24, was walking among the olive trees on his land when the drone hit him, tore off his left leg… not that it mattered…he was instantly dead.  CONTINUE READING

Zionist drones and warplanes pollute Gaza’s skies immediately after 9 pm “cease-fire”

-by Eva Bartlett

After one week of Israel’s Nov 14th declaration of war on Gaza, a cease-fire was allegedly reached between Hamas and other resistance and Israel.  Yet, 10 minutes after the 9pm cease-fire began, an Israeli warplane bombed a media office in Gaza’s southern Khan Younis city, and drones and Israeli F-16 warplanes continued to fill Gaza’s skies. Late into the night, 2 am, the drones and warplanes still pollute Gaza’s skies, psychological terror on a terrorized people who had more than 160 killed and over 1000 injured by Israeli bombing in the span of a week, and who know very well that the sound of a drone or an F-16 roaring overhead usually means death. CONTINUE READING

“No Cease-fire Yet”: my interview on CBC Metro Morning, Nov 21, 2012

**This interview was given this afternoon just an hour before going to Deir al Balah’s Al Aqsa hospital for the day where the opposite was true: Israeli attacks on civilians and civilian homes ensued throughout the day, inflicting the most horrific injuries and mutilations.

listen here