ashamed more than ever of Canadian government: Canada backs Israel’s actions

Nov 14 2012 Gaza Under Israel Attack  27898_304572356319375_997056588_n

Just like in 2008-2009, Canada loves it when Israel murders Palestinians:

“The Canadian government said following Wednesday’s rocket attacks that it will continue to support Israel.

“We fundamentally believe that Israel has the right to defend itself and its citizens from terrorist threats,” Rick Roth, a spokesman for Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, said in a statement.

“Far too often, the Jewish people find themselves on the front lines in the struggle against terrorism,” Roth said.”
Nov 14 2012 Gaza Under Israel Attack  561641_304572322986045_781554498_n
*photo from Gaza under Zionist Israel’s attacks


  1. I have some pretty shameful feelings about our United States of America right now too. I have no clue what happened to the “one nation under God….with liberty and justice for all” when we are supporting these atrocities tonight. Yes, shame on our government! I cry for the innocent lives in Gaza. May God be with them all.

  2. ‘ashamed more than ever of Canadian government’ : my feelings exactly! What a disgrace.

  3. Dear Eva – My heart is breaking for Gaza. How can this be happening again!! I have been in Cairo for the past two weeks, waiting for my security clearance from Egypt. I went to the border on October 31st and was turned back – went to El Arish for 4 days and tried again – no luck. Came back to Cairo and started again. They have been very slow – maybe it’s for the best.

    I pray for all of you – I have grown to hate the Zionist Israelis, even though I know that hate is evil to carry in my heart and hurts only myself.

    Be strong, as I know you are. Kate Wilson

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