Press TV: ‘Israeli crimes against Palestinians have gone unpunished due to Western cover’

Thanks to British activist, Adie Mormech, in Gaza for reporting on the Israeli army assassinations of Palestinian civilians in Gaza.


Adie Mormech:

“There was an attack blatantly on civilians.  Two while playing football….then, druing a gathering for the people who were killed, they (the IOF) then bombed the gathering, who were grieving the two children who were (had already been) killed… and 2 (more) people were killed.  It sounded like a scene from the attacks on Gaza before that killed 332 children (in 2008/2009), 38 were injured, all civilians, this was a targeted attack against civilians. And of course the initial attack was on Thursday, against a 13 year old boy, Ahmed Abu Dagga, this was the first attack… These are crimes, these are already crimes, and they are already talking about an escalation of more mass crimes against Gaza. Which kids are going to die tomorrow because of these attacks?”

Ken O’Keefe:

I can’t even remember all the lies that were just said by Mr. Pipes in Florida.

First off there is no massacre in Israel, what massacre are you talking about? If we talk about the fourth largest military in the world, which has the latest high tech weapons going against a relatively defenseless population, which has nothing more than glorified fireworks in the form of these unguided rockets, which have killed less than ten people of the last many years.

How is it possible that this man can get away with saying there is a massacre on the Israeli side?

There is no massacre on the Israeli side there is nothing but continuing crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by the Israelis against a defenseless population, which includes over 800,000 children in Gaza.”

2 thoughts on “Press TV: ‘Israeli crimes against Palestinians have gone unpunished due to Western cover’

  1. Salam hoby Sabah el kher oel hob

    Ya3teky el 3affia ,kefek inshallah enty omom kuaessen o bkher kef embareh inshalla kolshy kan momte3 m3kom ana bkher elhamedallah bshtghel fe video jded jawwaly KASHAF WGE3 FEL GAHWAA kan nefso yeshrab caffe love you

  2. This wanton killing of children and civilians by the IDF is a horror committed with impunity but the worse thing is the world’s silence to such atrocities and we consider ourselves civilized! What can we do, what can we do?

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