Palestinians and international activists updates

Latest from Gaza via Yousef Al Helou 18th Nov, 6:45pm Gaza time Death toll has risen to 71 so far since last Wed, the vast majority are civilians, including many women and children. Over 500 people injured, vast majority are civilians including many children. Today 11 people including these 4 children were killed from the same family "Al-Dallo family". An Israeli jet targeted their house west of Gaza city with a "Surgical Strike".  This is one of the single most deadly attacks since the beginning of the Israeli offensive on Gaza which commenced on November 14.

Joe Catron ‏@jncatron  80-year-old woman, 4 small children among those killed by Israeli missile in #Gaza, medical officials say  via @AP  Palestinian death toll has risen to 71 so far since last Wed, the vast majority are civilians, including many women and children. Over 500 Palestinians injured, vast majority are civilians including many children.

Today 11 people including these 4 children were killed from the same family “Al-Dallo family”. An Israeli jet targeted their house west of Gaza city with a “Surgical Strike”.

“Palestinians have no army, no navy, no air force. This is not war, this is genocide.”

Hani Siliman Salamah ‎350 Egyptian Activists are waiting to cross through Rafah border right now in a solidarity with Gaza.

Joe Catron ‏@jncatron  Eleventh member of Dallo family found under rubble  via @AJELive #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack

WatchCTVNewsOnline ‏@WatchCTVNews  .@jncatron speaks from Gaza City about the rising anxiety as Israeli airstrikes escalate  @CTVNews

marmite_news ‏@marmite_news  Death toll in #Gaza now 66, including nine members of same family.  via @AJELive #GazaUnderAttack #WarCrimes

Joe Catron ‏@jncatron  .@AJEnglish‘s Nadim Baba reports from destroyed house of #Gaza family  #GazaUnderAttack

Ahmed Shihab-Eldin ‏@ASE  WTF? IDF says “By placing communication infrastructure on roofs of media buildings, #Hamas uses foreign journalists as HumanShields” #Gaza

Joe Catron ‏@jncatron Revised upward: 22 killed in Sunday raids on #Gaza  via @MaanNewsAgency #GazaUnderAttack

Joe Catron ‏@jncatron At least 10 civilians killed in Israeli airstrike  via @AP #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack

Joe Catron ‏@jncatron  No stomach to RT @ThisIsGaZa‘s pic, but here’s caption: these little ids were playing Hide &Seek. it took ppl hrs to seek their bodies #Gaza

Joe Catron ‏@jncatron 11-month-old baby among five killed in Israeli air strike on southern #Gaza  via @AJEnglish #GazaUnderAttack

Hakeem Bashir Abu Salah massacre in Jabalia/ North Gaza last Updates:
The house has demolished and residants are still under the house rubble. 30 people were injured and no martyrs reported yet.
Note: as of this morning, reports are that (unconfirmed) death toll is 34, 320+ injuries. As of Friday afternoon, 223 buildings had been damaged, among them nine completely destroyed; Almost all the wounded are civilians – 253 out of 257, including 62 children & 42 women (see
ShahdAbusalama ‏@ShahdAbusalamaFor WE ARE NOT NUMBERS, follow this! #GazaUnderAttack| Names & ages of killed people who fell victim during the 3 days
Mohammed Omer  ‏@Mogaza Rescue teams trying to remove rubble north #gaza as children are burried under the ground. #israeli F16s missile falling

Mohammed Omer  ‏@Mogaza  I am speaking on @AJEnglish live from Gaza in half an hour about the ongoing #Israeli airstrikes on #Gaza

Harry Fear ‏@harryfear  The Prime Minister’s office that the Egyptian PM visited yesterday morning collapsed just now due to 6 heavy F16 missiles #Gaza #StopIsrael

Wael ‏@WillOuda  Airstrikes are not effective, it’s noisy ..maybe scary for 1min. or so…then nothing effectively change. We still want Freedom.#Palestine

Nader Elkhuzundar ‏@imNadZ  I apologies fro short replies or not replying at all. I’m collecting news and tweeting as often as possible

Wael ‏@WillOuda and again

Wael ‏@WillOuda  4:56AM massive.. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiveeeee explosion #Gaza city

Nader Elkhuzundar ‏@imNadZ  This is part of the Qatar funded #Gaza reconstruction plan. Israel wipes it off the map then they rebuild it

Nader Elkhuzundar ‏@imNadZ  #Gaza is trending worldwide second rank. Palestine is trending too!

Mohammed M.AbuShaban ‏@MohammedAShaban The five floor cabinet building is leveled to earth after being hit with 5 missiles #LetsSaveGaza #GazaUnderAttack

Maath Musleh ‏@MaathMusleh Friends in #Gaza city, stay away from any governmental building, seems that attacks will intensify on these locations

Nader Elkhuzundar ‏@imNadZ The parliament building has just been targeted with 5 missiles.
Maath Musleh ‏@MaathMusleh From the trend of the strikes in the past hours, it seems Israel is levelling to earth all governmental buildings in #Gaza
‎16 airstrikes at least in less than 20 min hitting the border area with the Egyptian side ‘ the Tunnels area’ nowww

Wael ‏@WillOuda  16 #Rafah

Nader Elkhuzundar ‏@imNadZ  Locals reporting weird smell and weird amount of smoke resulting from the last attack on Al-Jawazat. People are suffocating. #Gaza

Wael ‏@WillOuda  11+ airstrikes in #Rafah … you cant actually follow the counting of the airstrikes.

Nader Elkhuzundar ‏@imNadZ  All these tweets. I’m left with nothing but tears. Oh dear lord keep them safe please #Gaza

Wael ‏@WillOuda  #Rafah is bombarded heavily at the moment. 9+ airtrikes

Harry Fear ‏@harryfear Going to try to sleep again. Hear what I hear.  (I’m in West #Gaza City, by the coastline)

Harry Fear ‏@harryfear Oh God help me and Gaz

Joe Catron ‏@jncatron Die in Silence and Be Blamed for It  via @samioj #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack

Joe Catron ‏@jncatron Death toll hits 30 in Israel’s onslaught on #Gaza  via @PressTV #GazaUnderAttack

Samah Saleh ‏@Solarah Update from #Gaza medics: The attack on al-Maghazi camp killed 4 people, raising the death toll to 28 since Israel’s assault began Wednesday

Rana ‏@RanaGaza

IDF sends text message to #Gaza mobile phones: ‘The next phase is on the way’ … via @972mag

ShahdAbusalama ‏@ShahdAbusalama  Crying now for the 3 brothers Ahmad, Amjad & Ziyad Abu-Jalala who were just killed in an attack on Maghazi southern Gaza #GazaUnderAttack

Samah Saleh ‏@Solarah Just over 9,000 IDF reservists were called up for Case Lead 2008… how come Bibi is potentially mobilizing 30.000 -75.000 reservists? #Gaza

Joe Catron ‏@jncatron  Israel’s Barak orders further call-up of reserves  via @AFP @DailyStarLeb #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack #Palestine

Mohammed Suliman ‏@imPalestine  Anonymous officially joins forces with the Palestinians in #Gaza: …

Wael ‏@WillOuda 2 airstrikes to the east. 30min ago

Joe Catron ‏@jncatron  Breaking News: Another deadly Israeli attack takes #Gaza death toll to 25  via @PressTVBreaking #GazaUnderAttack

Joe Catron ‏@jncatron A HUGE explosion in #Gaza‘s Tal el-Hawa neighborhood. That one shook windows at the north end of the Seaport. #GazaUnderAttack

Ben White ‏@benabyad Israel police spox: “If they dare strike Tel Aviv…we’ll wipe the whole place out.” … via @mondoweiss ht @MaxBlumenthal

Ben White UN: 1 Jan to 6 Nov IDF killed 71 Palestinians, injured 291 in Gaza. 0 Israelis killed, 19 injured by Palestinian fire

Team Palestina ‏@TeamPalestina Plz like and share Ethar Voluntary Initiative a group of Palestinian in Gaza. Volunteers who are on the ground…

Ben White  Ma’an last night/early morning summary: “So far, 19 Palestinians killed including 3 toddlers, 7-yr-old, 2 teenage brothers, 19-yr-old woman pregnant w/ twins”. IDF reporting 130-150 airstrikes overnight in Gaza, & Israel has bombed the Ministry of Interior’s department of civil affairs in Gaza City.

Gaza TV News ‏@GazaTVNews  Israel has bombed the Ministry of Interior’s department of civil affairs in Gaza. The city was struck by at least 40 airstrikes overnight.

Mohammed Omer  ‏@Mogaza Escalation in Israeli air strikes over Gaza. @Mogaza will be joining me from Gaza to tell us what’s happening 5GMT @AJEnglish

Mohammed Omer  ‏@Mogaza  Speaking live over phone on Al Jazeera English in 30 minutes @AJEnglish #Israeli airstrikes #Gaza

Joe Catron ‏@jncatron After a massive bombing, it takes a while for your ears to adjust to hear the drones again. #Gaza

Joe Catron ‏@jncatron  Smoke is rising over Tel al-Hawa. That neighborhood’s getting hammered tonight. #Gaza

Rana ‏@RanaGaza  Earlier I was speaking on BBC’s World Have You Say. Link is here: … #Gaza

Wael ‏@WillOuda Reports about other number of deaths and injuries in the airstrike of #BeitHanoun, Power is off in the town, #Gaza

Mohammed Omer  ‏@Mogaza   Rafah under heavy F16s raid now!!!!

Mohammed Omer  ‏@Mogaza  In the past 7 minutes, 23 #Israeli airstrikes by F16s on all #Gaza Strip… South, Center and East

Wael ‏@WillOuda ‘What did my son do to die like this?’…WHAT MY SON DID TO DIE LIKE THIS? WHAT MY SON DID TO DIE LIKE THIS?

Air Strikes on Gaza City continuing tonight, no let up. Big one near us at the Gaza Mina not long ago. Ambulances arrived at Shifa hospital every 10 minutes. Children and elderly were the vast majority as Shifa hospital in Gaza city feels the pressure.
Inside Shifa, some horrific scenes in the intensive care unit as we were there when little Hanine Tafesh was brought in, one year old, victim of an air strike. The doctors rolled her over and there was no life in her, she had a brain hemorrhage and fracture of the skull.
Mithad Abbas, Director General of Al Shifa Hospital said, “Israel has such advanced weaponry. So why so many children?” Telling some of the other injured that people around the world are mobilising in support of Gaza, and despite the collaboration of Western governments with Israel, they still thanked people for their support. It means a lot to know they are not forgotten. Please keep mobilising.
Live from Gaza with Joe Catron: Solidarity activist and freelance journalist Joe Catron describes the situation under bombardment in Gaza.  On-Line Listening
Joe Catron ‏@jncatron The director of Shifa hospital reports injuries consistent with it, and pictures and videos of it from Cast Lead seem familiar. #Gaza #PT
Joe Catron ‏@jncatron I now suspect I saw Israel deploy white phosphorous in a civilian #Gaza neighborhood last night.
Joe Catron ‏@jncatron The @pchrgaza has the latest figures on Israel’s murderous new onslaught against the people of #Gaza:  #GazaUnderAttack
Joe Catron ‏@jncatron The @pchrgaza confirms 11 deaths, including four civilians – two children, one woman – and 115 injuries through noon today. #Gaza   CONTINUE READING
Joe Catron ‏@jncatron: UN agencies will decide later tonight or early tomorrow whether to evacuate foreign personnel from #Gaza. No announcement yet.

2 thoughts on “Palestinians and international activists updates

  1. Reblogged this on The White Maroon and commented:
    Israel continues its murderous assault on the people of Gaza. The world should be left with no illusions as to who the real aggressors are. This is not an equal conflict, as many would try to paint it. Israel is bombing the Palestinian people with high-tech military might, with the continuing support of the United States and other Western countries. Meanwhile the people of Gaza see their lives ruined, their children killed. While firing small, homemade, rather ineffectual explosive devices back across the border may not be thought the best response, the Palestinians are David with his slingshot, against the Goliath of the Israeli state.
    Solidarity with the Palestinians, and the people of Gaza as they face continuing bombardments and threat of invasion.
    Boycott Israeli produce.
    Call on western governments, in particular the United States, to stop allowing Israel to get away with their aggression and refusal to live in peace with the Palestinians.

  2. Allahu Akbar …….
    anak” yang tidak bersalah terlibat dengan gaza tersebut ….
    mereka semua “mati syahid”
    Ya Robb.. lindungilah rakyat islam palestine dari serangan israel !!

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