Abu Tomaa house, Deir al Balah, now an F-16d crater

The home of the Abu Tomaa family, bombed today first by an Israeli drone and minutes later by an Israeli F-16. Tuesday being a market day in Deir al Balah (despite the continuous Israeli bombings, life must go on in Gaza, in spite of the threat of being on the street), not many were near the home at the time of the bombing. That said, at least 5 were injured in the bombing, including 2 children. A fire broke out in the area, and neighbouring houses were damaged in the bombing.     

At Deir’s Aqsa hospital we watched as casualties came in via screeching cars, ambulances if lucky.

The blast sent a jeep beside the house up onto and over the roof of a neighbouring house, leaving half of the mangled jeep on the roof and the other half on the ground beyond the home. Much damage done to the neighbouring house.

The crater left behind was roughly 20 m wide and 10 m deep. When we arrived hours after the bombing, one of the residents of the no longer standing home was scooping under dangerously collapsable rubble, searching in vain for possessions.  Later in the early evening, another bomb blast in Deir shook even our house. A nephew came to tell us minutes later that the Israeli army had again bombed the Abu Tomaa house.

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