latest bombing, close by

huge blast in Deir just now (5:20 pm Gaza Time), less than 500 metres away.  Could be the azza (funeral) for some of today’s martyrs in Deir, could be near the disabled centre on the main street, Emad speculates.

Israel doesn’t shy away from bombing funeral tents, so entirely possible.  Zananas (drone) heavy above us…

UPDATE: one of Emad’s nephew comes to tell us the blast was at the home of Abu Tomaa family, hit twice already today (we were there one hour ago)


  1. Do take care Eva! I attended your presentation in Hamilton, just over a year ago. You’re one brave woman! Stay safe!!! Kaisa in Nova Scotia

  2. Eva, we just could say that we are horrified and deeply disgusted by israeli barbaric violence and west active complicity. Please, take care… And continue to testify for palestinian people and to all of us. Claude (France)

  3. Eva– there are no words to express the depth of horror, sadness and anger that I feel at the Israeli government and at my own United States Government for supporting and being complicit in the active violence of war criminals who have violated every human right in the Geneva Convention imaginable. I am grateful for you and your work, your constancy to this task. I look at your posts every day and share them on G+ and facebook. I thank you for all that you do.

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