Zionist attacks on Gaza, some glimpses, day 7

*photo of leaflets the Israeli army has dropped on various parts of Gaza (confirmed the north of Gaza and Tel el Howa, likely more areas). There may be more than one variety of leaflet, but at least one, reports Al Jazeera, says for residents of northern Gaza to head towards central Gaza. In other words, evacuate your homes again because we are going to destroy them again.

It does seem as though Israel is prepared to really target that area in the next few hours… They’re being told to leave the border areas.  These areas are usually quite heavily targeted anyhow, they’re very vulnerable… there are regular Israeli incursions into these areas…They’re being told to get out. The problem is, though, where will they go? This is where they live, this is where their homes are…the Gaza Strip is tiny and there aren’t places set up for them to go.” (Al Jazeera)  

Lebanon’s Daily Star reported on this:

Israel’s air force dropped leaflets across Gaza City on Tuesday urging people to evacuate their homes “immediately” amid fears the military was poised to launch a ground operation.

“For your own safety, you are required to immediately evacuate your homes and move toward Gaza City centre,” the Arabic-language leaflet said, specifying certain roads that should be used.

I’m working on an update about some of the victims (martyrs and injured) we saw at Aqsa hospital in Deir al Balah today.

As I work, get a phone call from Adie, a British activist in Gaza for many months now, who tells me about a conversation with the Director of Shifa who has said tests from Israel’s last major bombing and invasion of Gaza (23 days in 2008-2009) show the presence of uranium in some of the injured Palestinians. Fair to say that if uranium, in addition to white phosphorous, was used last time round it could as well be used in the current bombings.

The local mosque rings out with an announcement of the latest martyr from this area of Deir al Balah.

Al Jazeera‘s latest tally of Palestinians killed by these Zionist attacks put the number at 116 since November 14 (not including Israel’s murders of children and other civilians in the week leading up to the 14).  Adie says Gaza’s Ministry of Health has declared the number of injured to be well over 1000.

Bearing in mind that “injuries” here are usually severed, Adie says that from what he’s seen at Shifa hospital and heard from doctors there, a single injured person may have up to 6 or so different injuries: shrapnel, hemmoraging, trauma, fractures, lost limbs…a longer list of cruel injuries that the few I’ve typed.  Meaning various operations on just one person, which Adie says the hospitals just aren’t equipped for. “They don’t have the manpower,” for one thing. “Hospitals are lacking in bandages, sutures, anasthetics, antibiotics…” for another.

He tells me that Ahmed, a brave and dedicated medic I worked with 4 years ago during the 2008-2009 attacks (it is truly miraculous Ahmed is still alive, tho he has suffered various injuries, including gunshot wounds and shrapnel, during the various Israeli attacks over the years, including prior to 2008), spoke of 4 medics who were attacked in the line of their duty by the Israeli army.  Nothing new, sadly, not even medics are protected from Israel’s blood lust. (see more)

Bizarrely, with F-16s and drones polluting the skies, the mosque crying out for the dead, children in our neighbourhood (and all over Gaza) defy the lethal danger above them, playing in the streets.  They are playing, getting rid of energy (school has been cancelled since the attacks began; children are terrified at night and have a lot of energy to get rid of), and though playing there is a lot more yelling than usual. Their playing and laughter are so incongruous with all that is happening.  Then again, life in Gaza is full of incongruities, people trying to be steadfast and get on with their lives while at the same time being bombed by a Zionist entity that seems to wish to end their existence.

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