Zionist drones and warplanes pollute Gaza’s skies immediately after 9 pm “cease-fire”

-by Eva Bartlett

After one week of Israel’s Nov 14th declaration of war on Gaza, a cease-fire was allegedly reached between Hamas and other resistance and Israel.  Yet, 10 minutes after the 9pm cease-fire began, an Israeli warplane bombed a media office in Gaza’s southern Khan Younis city, and drones and Israeli F-16 warplanes continued to fill Gaza’s skies. Late into the night, 2 am, the drones and warplanes still pollute Gaza’s skies, psychological terror on a terrorized people who had more than 160 killed and over 1000 injured by Israeli bombing in the span of a week, and who know very well that the sound of a drone or an F-16 roaring overhead usually means death.

**zoom in for detail of the drone’s bombing capability

**drone flying over our area, civilian residential area


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