Palestinians in Gaza protest the death of Arafat Jaradat in Zionist occupation prison

Hana Shalabi

*Hana Shalabi, a former prisoner held illegally under administrative detention, won her freedom through a sustained hunger strike.







Lawyer: Israeli officers tortured Jaradat  (Ma’an News)

Israeli officers tortured Ahmad Jaradat, a 30-year-old who died Saturday in Israeli custody, his lawyer and the Ministry of Detainee Affairs said Sunday.

Kameel Sabbagh, a lawyer at the ministry, said he was present at Jaradat’s last hearing on Thursday. The Israeli judge postponed the hearing for 12 days.

“When I entered the courtroom I saw Jaradat sitting on a wooden chair in front of the judge. His back was hunched and he looked sick and fragile.

“When I sat next to him he told me that he had serious pains in his back and other parts of his body because he was being beaten up and hanged for many long hours while he was being investigated

“When Jaradat heard that the judge postponed his hearing he seemed extremely afraid and asked me if he was going to spend the time left in the cell. I replied to him that he was still in the investigation period and this is possible and that as a lawyer I couldn’t do anything about his whereabouts at this time.”

Sabbagh said in a statement that Jaradat’s psychological state was very serious and that he informed the judge his client had been tortured. The judge ordered that Jaradat should be examined by the prison doctor but “this didn’t happen,” the lawyer added.

The Ministry of Detainee Affairs said Israeli interrogators used hanging techniques and sleep deprivation to torture Jaradat in al-Jalameh prison, a day before he died in Megiddo prison.

Jaradat’s family, who have viewed his body, said there were traces of blood on the body. They rejected Israeli claims that he died of a heart attack.

The family said they were informed that an autopsy on Jaradat’s body was complete and would be returned to Hebron on Sunday evening through the Tarqumiya crossing.

A Palestinian doctor and a legal team from the prisoners ministry were present at the autopsy.

4 thoughts on “Palestinians in Gaza protest the death of Arafat Jaradat in Zionist occupation prison

  1. My heart goes out to Arafat Jaradat and his entire family. Al Jazeera news announced very recently – in the last half hour – that the Palestinian doctor, the head of Forensics, who was present at the autopsy of Arafat today, has stated that the cause of his death was not a myocardial infarction /cardiac arrest (heart attack) as Israel had claimed. He will give a further report shortly.

  2. The Minister for Palestinian Prisoners for the PA (as announced on Al Jazeera) has just stated that the cause of Arafat Jaradat’s death was torture at the hands of his Israeli captors in prison. He had broken ribs, facial injuries, and severe injuries particularly to the right side of his back.

  3. Arafat Jaradat’s horrendous murder must be a turning point for the Israeli policy of arresting and imprisoning Palestinians. And for the use made of doctors who assist at murder.

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