Former Palestinian Political Prisoner and Hunger-Striker Victor Hana Shalabi Urges More International Solidarity

Transcript of interview conducted by Adie Mormech with Palestinian former political prisoner and hunger-striker Hana al-Shalabi:

My condolences to the family of the West Bank martyr, Arafat Jaradet, killed in Megido prison.

Sadly I’m not surprised by Jaradet’s killing. This is nothing new for Palestinian prisoners. At least 210 prisoners have been killed in the Occupation’s prisons.

It’s our duty, as Palestinians and political prisoners, to expose the Zionist crimes.

I want to send my highest regards to all of the political prisoners, especially the hunger strikers.

From my experience on hunger strike I know what they feel. You can’t sleep because of the pain, can’t speak, can’t move. There’s hair loss, pain in the stomach and joints, you can’t see well, heart irregularities, migraines and palpitations. Then their body, like mine couldn’t, can’t accept water.

To foreigners in solidarity with us, keep up your actions, keep exposing the cruel actions and violations against our prisoners.

For those who are silent, stop the silence. If you are silent you are complicit in the occupation’s torture of our prisoners.

It’s not “Israel” it’s the global Zionist movement.

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