it’s not about “Israeli security”

Gaza, under lock-down by the Zionist state since at least 2006 (and earlier, in stages) and the complicit Egyptian military state, is again being bombed.

Remember, Palestinians have no:





-attack helicopters

…and little running water, no exports, no freedom of movement, no air-raid sirens, no “iron dome”, no bomb shelters, very little electricity…

The imbalance of power is clear, the mis-use of power is clear, the Zionist policy of a slow (and  at times fast) genocide is clear.

On the sea and in the border regions, the Zionist army continues to target Palestinians.

Before the Nov 2012 attacks on Gaza, “B’Tselem and other organizations documented dozens of cases in which the military shot persons who were more than 300 meters away from the fence – sometimes as far as a kilometer and a half away. According to OCHA, in reality, Palestinians were denied access to 17 percent of the total land mass of the Gaza Strip, which includes approximately 35 percent of its agricultural land.

B’Tselem welcomed the easing of access following the operation, while stressing that the policy of live-fire as a method of deterrence is illegal, whatever the range of access allowed. Moreover, the military did not formally issue the new rules of access. It quickly became apparent that the easing of restrictions reported in the media was not realized in practice and that farmers and others entering areas close to the fence were still being shot at – even when further than 300 meters from the fence. According to B’Tselem’s data, since the end of the operation, the military has shot and killed four Palestinians in areas close to the fence, one of whom was riding a motorcycle some 300 meters away from the fence.

According to OCHA figures, up to 21 October 2013, 135 Palestinians were injured by live fire near the fence, including 54 in the week after the (attacks) ended.

The military’s conduct prevents farmers from working most of this land, due to the unclear rules and the threat of physical danger. Other residents who make a living off these areas and are also denied access include various occupations such as gravel and debris collectors. In this way, Israel unjustifiably harms the livelihood of tens of thousands of people. B’Tselem reiterates that the military must enable farmers to work their land and that, if a security zone is necessary, it must lie within Israeli territory.”

MAP-UK reports:

“Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza is having a sharp and fundamental impact on the people of Gaza, particularly following Egypt’s closure of the tunnels that formerly provided many essential goods restricted by Israel’s blockade.

Today, Gaza’s sole power plant stopped generating electricity. “We have completely stopped the operation of (Gaza’s sole) power plant this morning at 6:00 am because we don’t have a single litre of fuel,” Fathi el-Sheikh Khalil, the authority’s deputy chairman, told AFP.

Prior to this, the fuel shortages had led to prolonged electricity blackouts of up to 16 hours a day in parts of Gaza. The cuts force residents to use unsafe methods to provide electricity and light for their homes and businesses. Shortages of affordable fuel continue to disrupt the provision of basic services, including water supply, sanitation, health and transportation.

The UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) noted last week in a report that the blockade and tunnel closures have fuelled inflation for basic essential items, with bread and rice up 11% and 33% respectively, and prices for fuel and construction materials up sharply too. It states: “This is leading to an increase in food insecurity, both directly, through the surge in food prices, and indirectly, through the rise in unemployment as a result of economic constraints.”

Food insecurity levels rose from 44 per cent in 2011 to 57 per cent in 2012, and continue to rise, deepening households’ reliance on food assistance.”


some comments from friends in Gaza:

Mukarram, Nov 1:

“Waking up early after a long night of not sleeping till late for feeling anxious, frightened and irritated with the sound of the drones that were hovering all over Gaza last night. And wondering if I am waking up to live the first morning of a new WAR launched against us.. Well, this is one morning that I am not enjoying. Gonna get out of my bed to figure things out. Is this the first day of war or is this just another normal day..?”

just two days earlier, she’d posted:

And we love to live our lives as long as we can find a way for it …

Jenny Graham, Nov 1

After a long night, gaza wakes up to 4 people dead from last nights attacks with others injured.. . And without electricity . . . . .

Night is falling in Gaza………..There is no power except for the necessary sporadic use of generators run on the last of precious expensive fuels. Communication is almost impossible, mobile phones are used sparingly to preserve batteries in case of emergencies.and the constant threat from Israel is in the air……


“No condemnation for the Israel’s fourth unprovoked bombing of Syria. Through its proxy, the US has already bombed Syria every three months in 2013. “


Slow Death: The Collective Punishment of Gaza has Reached a Critical Stage

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UN Resolutions Targeting Israel and the Palestinians:Israel is the target of at least 77 UN Resolutions and the Palestinians are the target of 1.

LIVE BLOG | #GazaUnderAttack | Israel bombs Gaza again in 251st ceasefire violation: 4 KILLED

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