’twas the night before Christmas and Israel began murdering Palestinians anew (except it never really stopped)

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    Gaza has been locked down at least since 2007 (and incrementally for decades), bombed and starved, its infrastructure decimated time and again, not allowed to re-build, its power plant bombed, its sewage and sanitation and water lines destroyed time and again, denied replacement parts for said destruction… and now, just as the rest of the world is again occupied with holidays, the Zionists are bombing Gaza anew.Gaza has no tanks, no attack helicopters, no warplanes, no warships, no nuclear arms (nor electricity). Israel does.

    *photo by Younes Arar: One of the injuries (brother of Hala 4 years who was killed) following the Israeli occupation airstrikes in Gaza today, 24 December, 2013.

    *photo by Younes Arar: One of the injuries (brother of Hala 4 years who was killed) following the Israeli occupation airstrikes in Gaza today, 24 December, 2013.

    Younes Arar: "Palestinian residential sites targeted by the continued Israeli occupation warplanes so far today, 24 December, 2013." (photo Sky News)

    Younes Arar: “Palestinian residential sites targeted by the continued Israeli occupation warplanes so far today, 24 December, 2013.” (photo Sky News)


    noteIsraeli Ceasefire Violations in Gaza and World Silence

    Here we list some of Israel’s breaches of the ceasefire agreement and will continue to update as events occur. We’ll keep track even as others look away.

    “Israeli forces shot and seriously injured a young Palestinian man near Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip.”

    see previous violations here


    updates from Palestinians and internationals in Gaza:
    Omar Ghraieb #Israel had a special #Christmas greeting 4 #Gaza (esp. Christians here) on X-mas eve!15 attacks in 2 hours!1 dead child! Merry Christmas!
    I thought it was over! I’m wrong! More #Israel shelling & air raids on Southern #Gaza! #GazaUnderAttack
    I still hear ambulance sirens everywhere!
    Gaza Writes BackNo, those are not Christmas lights and fireworks in Gaza. Israel is pouring its fire killing and injuring about 15 so far.

    Omar Ghraieb All #Gaza is under attack! Explosions, shelling & air raids on Southern,Eastern,Western & Northern Gaza! Many injuries!


    Israel strikes Gaza after border shootings, 3 dead in violence 24/12/2013, Ma’an News

    Israeli air forces bombed the Gaza Strip, killing a 3-year-old Palestinian child and injuring her mother and brother, after an Israeli and a Palestinian were shot dead at the border in the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday afternoon.

    Spokesman for the Gaza ministry of health Ashraf al-Qidra said that Hala Abu Sbeikha, 3, was killed and her mother and brother injured in an airstrike in al-Maghazi refugee camp.

    Earlier on Tuesday afternoon, a Palestinian man was shot and killed by Israeli fire west of Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip, Palestinian sources said.

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    Younes Arar: “His heart is deeply broken, he just lost his beloved 4 years old Hala, who was alive few hours ago before being killed by terrorist Israeli occupation forces using a warplane missile…Her laugh and noise wont be heard anymore, she wont be playing with her peers anymore…” 24 December, 2013. [Photo: Adel Hana]
    #israel bombs #Gaza, #Qarara


    This, one year old, is appropriate now. Please take action:

    Call to action on Canadian government approval of bombing of Gaza

    Dear Friends of peace in Palestine and Israel,

    In the face of another potential slaughter of civilians in Gaza by Israeli occupation forces (IOF), it is regrettable that Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird exhibits a view that Palestinian life is not even worth a mention. His brief press release is concerned only for Israel “and its citizens.”  http://www.international.gc.ca/media/aff/news-communiques/2012/11/14a.aspx?view=d

    Rather than forthrightly contextualizing the current violence as precipitated by Israeli aerial bombing and slaughter last week, http://imeu.net/news/article0023227.shtml IOF violence is cast as “the struggle against terrorism, the great struggle of our generation.” Rationalization and complicity with wonton destruction and death stands in stark contrast to the view of Canadians and our tradition of peace ever since Canada was the very founder of UN peacekeeping in response to the 1956 Israeli invasion of Gaza.

    Stating that only one people “has the right to defend itself,” indeed those using F-16s and tanks against densely populated civilian areas, ignores or even justifies the terror rained upon by Palestinians by the IOF. No terror is acceptable. Four years ago, the IOF decimation of an already besieged Gaza Strip left hundreds of women and children dead, and thousands injured. Ignoring this history invites a repeat.The government of Canada ought rather to uphold Canadian values and views, refrain from further incendiary remarks, proclaim the value and dignity of each Palestinian as well as Israeli life, and call for an immediate ceasefire.
    To make your views known, write:

    Stephen Harper, Prime Minister: stephen.harper@parl.gc.ca
    John Baird, Foreign Affairs Minister: john.baird@parl.gc.ca
    Paul Dewar, Foreign Affairs critic for the Official Opposition:  paul.dewar@parl.gc.ca
    Thomas Mulcair, Leader of the Official Opposition:  thomas.mulcair@parl.gc.ca
    Bob Rae, Leader of the Liberal Party: bob.rae@parl.gc.ca
    Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party:  Elizabeth.May@parl.gc.ca

    In peace and solidarity,
    The Rev. Robert Assaly”

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