Dec 26, 2013: round 2 of IOF attacks in last 3 days (and more)

Younes Arar:
Now: Gaza under fire…Three Israeli occupation terrorist airstrike so far, 26 December, 2013.

#Israel has officially launched the commemoration of the fifth anniversary of Operation Cast Lead War 2008 – 2009! #GazaUnderAttack

Álvaro Herraiz San Martín:
Confirmed 2 injured in Shifa Hospital, #Gaza.

Álvaro Herraiz San Martín:
#israel is bombimg #Gaza
Shiya’eya, Shekher ‘Adwan, Maghazi and Rafah Area.

Mohammed Omer:
child: what was that bomb mummy? mom: nothing habibi, its far child: its shaking my bed mom: yes yes sleep

Mohammed Omer:
So far, 2 people injured as a result of the bombing. ambulance crews on their way to the locations #GazaUnderAttack

Israel’s dropping bombs on crowded neighborhoods again. #GazaUnderAttack

Duncan Casey @BigDunc123:
Like clockwork,the annual Christmas attack on Gaza is underway. #Palestine #Zionism #Racism #GazaUnderAttack

#Israeli #Drones still hovering over #Gaza & flying low, causing an obnoxious sound, terrifying and keeping children up #GazaUnderAttack

Álvaro Herraiz San Martín:
‪#‎israel‬ is shooting palestinian fishermen on the sea

Omar Ghraieb:
starting 4m 2morrow,new electricity schedule downsizing power hours due 2 #Israel’s closure of #Gaza’s commercial crossings!

Jenny Graham:
So far , reports of 2 injured in 3 separate attacks……., Skies still busy!!Explosions reported in khan younis, 2 areas here in Gaza city have been hit.

Nanice @itsmenanice:
#GazaUnderAttack: #US Secretary of State John Kerry 202-647-4000 hit option #4, leave a message.

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