In Gaza, in Fergus, Ontario

Melville United Church, in Fergus, Ontario, a platform to speak on Gaza

Melville United Church, in Fergus, Ontario, a platform to speak on Gaza

I’ve very pleased that the Melville United Church in my town, Fergus, Ontario, has invited me to speak at their Sunday service, tomorrow.

I always admit utter ignorance on Palestine even just 8 years ago, and always wish I’d heard the truth, or anything at all, a long time ago.  Thus, I’m very happy at each and every opportunity to share some of what I’ve seen in occupied Palestine.

If you’re in the area, come on out.


  1. Eva, I wish I could have been in Guelph right now so I would be able to hear you speak.
    I’m sure it will be a meaningful event, and hopefully more people will learn about the tragedy of Palestine under Israeli occupation and oppression.

  2. Where are you based, Maria? I’m certainly open to making these presentations on a global scale.

  3. Eva, you are a very important, and needed voice in the world today! You certainly have your work cut out for you. Wither Christian, Jewish or Muslim, or even Atheist, it should be clear that the plight of the people of Palestine is through no fault of their, own and is actually precipitated on a lie through political motivation. I know that is not a very popular or even accepted idea, but it is the truth after all of the research and observation is done. That truth dose not play well among any one that sees the world with a Biblical (Christian) perspective. Maybe more on that later, but for now, WE will be keeping you and yours in our thoughts a prayers, and hope that you are able to open the eyes of those that see no evil in what is being done in the name of the Gods Chosen Myth!

    I understand that it is some times hard to accept ideas that are contrary to what we were taught, but an open mind is more important than our pride. You have taken upon yourself a much need task, but you are not alone. Many people have come to understand things are not what they thought. I have reason to believe that you may find that Wayne Madsen may be of help to you.
    I have liked him when I have seen him on the various News Programs, but I recently found an article he wrote that goes against the ‘main stream’ and would be ‘painful’ for those with a pride issue rather than the facts. You may find Mr. Madsen helpful.

    Thank you for KNOWING to stand in the truth, May the Heavens Fall!


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