Interview with James Corbett, the Corbett Report

Interview 824 – Eva Bartlett Documents the Struggle of the Palestinians

Feb 13, the Corbett Report

**note: James was very kind to accommodate interviewing me on Palestine in short notice; much appreciation to his well-documented work on Palestine

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Today we talk to Eva Bartlett of, an activist and journalist who has spent much of the past seven years living in Gaza and documenting the plight of the Palestinian people in their struggle against Israeli occupation. We discuss Bartlett’s background and experiences in Gaza, her upcoming US speaking tour where she will present those experiences, and how the Palestinian struggle is kept out of the mainstream media.

6 thoughts on “Interview with James Corbett, the Corbett Report

  1. Getting on the Corbett Report is a help. But the Palestinian people have been demonized in the Media that is controlled by guess who, and it is hard to reach into the hearts of many people, and get past their programmed minds, It is sad that they can not see that the plight of the Palestinian people goes beyond politics and is a human rights issue!

    Keep up your good work.

  2. This was a treat. Quite a few years ago I came across your name in some Palestinian article, around the time of Cast Lead, and I was like, “Oh, wonderful! A decent Canadian involved.”

    I can only begin to imagine your horror and dismay of sorts at our beloved Chabad-owned PM destroying “Hey Jude” to Bibi in what must be the most bizarre bromance of the decade. I cringed when Lieberman called us “Israel’s best friend” but then, they only say that when you are on your knees applying your lips to their posteriors. Truly, I was mortified!

    Thanks for doing your bit for Gaza. Your being Canadian also boosts our reputation a tad because we are sinking fast in global opinion as our PM and his sycophantic entourage cosy up to the doomed Likud faction of Zionist politics.

    Keep up your good work!

  3. Eva,
    Excellent interview on the Jack Blood show today. You are a hero. Any info on activist groups in the Atlanta area would be greatly appreciated. Peace and love to you and all who deserve it!

  4. Thank you Ray. The Zionist or Zionist-lover I bumped into randomly later on differed from your opinion, but that is to be expected.

    Unfortunately, I don’t know any activist groups in Atlanta, however I’ll ask around and get back to you!

  5. You know you’re over the target when yours taking flak, eh? I’ve been trying to find groups in Atlanta for some time now, to no avail. Imagine that. Thanks!

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