Imad Bornatt’s 5 Broken Cameras NY screening

DSCN0278 (800x599)

Imad Bornatt, Palestinian film-maker from Bil’in Village, occupied Palestine, presented his multi-award-winning, Oscar-nominated “5 Broken Cameras” at the UN headquarters, Feb 19.  His stunning documentary was met with a standing ovation in the crowded conference room.


Both Imad’s moving documentary and his answers during Q&A following the screening convey the humanity and great loss of the Palestinians of Bil’in, and of course of all of occupied Palestine.

An utterly moving and powerful documentary, highly recommend that you view it and screen it for anyone who will watch.

5 Broken Cameras FB page  and trailers, interviews with Imad on youtube.

More about Bil’in village here

Interview here with the great Iyad Burnat, wherein he discusses the lethal repression the Israeli army uses against unarmed protesters, including the murder of Bassam “Phil” Abu Rahme and many more…

More about the separation wall stealing Palestinian land here

My own experiences in Bil’in and surrounding here

Standing ovation at @UN for Emad Burnat and @5brokencameras #2014forPalestine [ShayElAnsary] @UNISPAL [



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