Open Rafah Crossing


We are stuck in the Gaza strip – the world’s biggest open air prison, The Egyptian military closed the ” Rafah ” border for almost a month now !! Many Gazan patients, students, and others aren’t able to leave !! While the Israeli\Egyptian border ” Taba ” didn’t close for one single day !!
Today the Egyptians said that they will be opening ” Rafah ” tomorrow only to let people enter Gaza, but no one will be leaving the Gaza strip !!
What kind of treatment is this ?! coming from your Arab neighboring country ?!
We need your help, Please share, email the Egyptian embassies in your countries, call the Egyptian ambassadors, tell them that you don’t accept such treatment towards Palestinians, condemn the closure, protest !!
We need an international action .. Please feel what we are feeling, Please help us .. Please – Noor Harazeen

‪#‎open_Rafah_border‬ ‫#‏افتحوا_معبر_رفح‬

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