some news bites and a little inspiration, from Gaza


Rafah crossing closed for 81 days in 2014

Israeli forces injure 4 Palestinians in shootings near Gaza border

“We leave without expecting to return” – meeting the firefighters of Gaza

80% of Gaza factories not working

Gaza runner denied entry to West Bank for marathon

— Palestinians mourn woman who died after inhaling tear gas

**There is a lot more ugly imposed on the lives of Palestinians in Gaza, but I have limited time to seek this out at present.  In terms of news on Palestine, this site has frequent updates from a variety of sources.



“Happy From Gaza”: the ever-wonderful Gangnam Gaza Style group has a new, uplifting (despite it all.  Gaza IS suffering, but these young Palestinians are trying to share the resilient, patient, and quirky nature of Palestinians, and do so very convincingly)

In case you missed it, check out Gangnam Gaza Style [my article on these great youths here]!

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