civilian areas in Homs and Damascus car-bombed and shelled Tuesday

Car bomb in civilian area of Homs, SANA photo.
Car bomb in civilian area of Zahra, Homs (SANA photo)


“The armed terrorist groups launched mortars on Badr Eddin al-Hasani Institute for Religious Sciences on Tuesday 29th of April, claiming the lives of 14 students and injuring 86 others… they also launched a number of mortar shells on a temporary shelter center in a school in Adra al-Balad, killing 3 children, one citizen and wounding 19 others,” the Foreign Ministry said.

“It was noticed recently there is a systemized method which targets hospitals and schools in a clear synchronization to force medical staff to evacuate the targeted hospitals and affect the medical cadres’ capabilities in offering emergency services to the injured citizens,” the latter said.

It added the armed groups also targeted al-Abassiyeen and al-Zablatani areas on April 29th with 9 mortar shells, injuring 8 citizens, they also targeted Jaramana city with a number of mortars, killing 6 citizens among them 3 children and a woman.–SANA news

Yesterday, “rebels”/ foreign-backed mercenaries exploded two cars in the city of Homs, killing by conservative accounts 37, or according to the Syrian government 40 civilians.  The explosions follow the typical pattern of these mercenaries terorrizing Homs’ neighbourhoods: a car is exploded in a crowded residential area, a second car explodes not far away.  An AP report notes that “The explosions struck 10 minutes apart and 150 yards (meters) from each other on a busy residential and commercial thoroughfare.” Precisely what we saw when in Homs a few weeks ago at the site of a recent double-car bombing [interviews from survivors and families of the murdered from those bombings to come shortly].

The mercenaries also repeatedly shelled mortars on various areas of Damascus, particularly throughout the old city, as far west as Shaghour, an area just off the west end of the Via Recta (Straight Street) which many of us walk daily. Accounts of the murdered vary, but SANA has 14 civilians dead, 86 wounded, including many children… in the shelling of Shaghour alone

Russia Today reports:

In Homs two car bombs exploded, killing at least 37 people and wounding scores of others. Reuters reported a local security source saying the toll had risen to 42, as rocket fire followed the initial detonations.

Earlier on Tuesday, the capital Damascus suffered its heaviest mortar attack since 2011, as shells were launched from the Sunni rebel-controlled suburbs into another Shiite district.

The official SANA news agency reported that 14 people died, and 86 more were wounded. A Damascus police official told AP that the mortar struck a technical institute, where classes were in session, and that a number of children were among the victims.


SANA reports on the car bombings and mortars:

…mortar and car bomb attacks that hit Damascus and Homs on Tuesday, causing a death toll of 58, in addition to scores of wounded.A car bomb blast rocked the city of Homs, claiming the lives of 40 civilians, mostly women and children, according to a source in the province.The source told SANA reporter that the bombing, which took place near the heavily-trafficked al-Abassiyeh intersection, injured 116 others.
Mortar fired by foreign-backed mercenaries (SANA photo)
Mortar fired by foreign-backed mercenaries (SANA photo)
Terrorists’ mortars claim 14 civilians, mostly students, in DamascusTerrorists’ mortars continued to rain down on Damascus as four rounds hit al-Shaghour neighborhood, two of which smashed into Badr-Eddin al-Hasani Institute for Islamic Sharia Sciences, killing 14 civilians, a Police Command source told SANA.86 others, mostly students, were reported wounded in the attack.The source added that terrorists targeted al-Abassiyeen area with 9 mortar shells which landed in the surrounding of al-Abassiyeen Stadium, injuring 8 other civilians.
*Bashar al-Jaafari at the UN, speaking of the atrocities in Homs and Damascus Apr 29, holds a photo of 13 children killed by mercenaries’ mortars on Damascus areas.

Hospital Director Adib Mahmoud said bodies of 14 people were admitted to the hospital, in addition to 80 injured.
He noted that 9 of the wounded people are undergoing surgeries.In mid-April, similar mortar attacks targeted al-Manar basic education school in Bab Touma quarter and a school compound near St. Elias Church in al-Dweil’eh area, leaving a child dead and 60 others injured.

 Mortar attack claims 4 lives, including 3 children:
Four other civilians, including 3 children, were killed in a mortar attack against a makeshift residential center for displaced people at a school in Adra al-Balad in Damascus Countryside.The children’s ages ranged from 4 to 14 years, according to a Police Command source.19 other civilians got wounded in the attack, which caused material damage to the shelter that hosts many families who have fled their homes due to the acts of the armed terrorist groups.


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  1. […] Homs residents know too well the deadly effects of the car-bombings. On April 9, for example, two car bombs detonated one after the other on the same residential street, killing 25 civilians, injuring over 107 more, according to Syrian state media. On April 29, two more car bombs and a rocket attack killed another 42 civilians in Homs. [see: Civilian areas in Homs and Damascus car-bombed and shelled Tuesday] […]

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