while Syria honours the martyred on “Martyrs Day” terrorists create new martyrs

updated Wednesday:

Two of my friends in Damascus could’ve been killed by a terrorist mortar attack yesterday, in front of a busy cafe in the city. As it is, one is injured by the shrapnel in the mortar, the other was saved by this car, which took the brunt of the shrapnel.

A friend in the thick of the terrorists’ shellings in Damascus—multiple areas—writes this:

هذا ويستمر أبناء العاهرة في إمطارنا بقذائف الحرية.. صرنا 13 في المنطقة ومستمرون في العد .. ما جاي على بالي اطرق كفرية.
Sons of bitches are still sending us waves of their “freedom & Liberty” shells.
13 so far and still counting.

صاروا 14.. عم نعد.
Fourteen and counting

One martyr, and a bit over a dozen wounded

Sana news reports:

Terrorists fired a barrage of mortar shells upon the capital Damascus on Tuesday, hitting various residential areas and neighborhoods and causing casualties among civilians.

A shell which smashed into a house at the intersection near the French Hospital in al-Qassaa area, injuring three citizens, a Police Command source said.

Other shells landed near Mazzeh Cemetery in Sheikh Saad area, in plant nurseries behind al-Muwasat Hospital and in al-Mhajereen area, causing material damage without hurting anyone.

Meanwhile, three other mortar rounds hit the residential areas of al-Salheiyeh and al-Tajheez, with initial information indicating casualties among the civilians.

6 injured by mortar shells in Hama

Terrorist mortar attacks also rocked Hama province, causing injuries.

Four civilians were reported wounded as 3 shells smashed into houses in separate neighborhoods on Mhardeh city.

Two children also got injured by a mortar round that landed in Helfaia town.

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  1. Dear Eva,
    If you are ever plan to come to Texas anymore, please contact me. Our group would like to consider sponsoring you as a speaker. I viewed your power-point presentation your gave in Austin,Texas about Gaza and it blew me away. The entire world needs to hear your powerful speech.
    We also have a Billboard website: http://www.stopbillionstoisrael.com.
    Yours in the struggle,

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